Carl Caylor

Carl is a down-to-earth portrait photographer who has been in the industry for over 25-years.  He is known world wide in the portrait industry and has numerous awards and acknowledgements for his photography and his photographic teaching.  His work has been published in many books, magazines, Kodak Ads, and vendor booths across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Korea.  He is the author of the book, "Portraiture Unplugged" a guide to Natural Light Portraits.

Carl is active in his community in Iron Mountain, MI.  He helps coach and run many youth sports programs in the area.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, physical fitness and spending time with family and friends.

Carl loves the Upper Peninsula and the people who choose to live there.  He enjoys the chance to artistically record history for those folks.  If yo want a great photographic experience and a wonderful, artistic portrait when the show is over...Carl is your photo guy.

Carl passionately studies art and photography to ensure you the newest techniques and the best of himself.

Carl is sponsored by WHCC

"Before, After...How to Get There"


This program will take you on a Natural Light and OCF Journey from the open scene you walk up to… all the way to a finished portrait.  

Carl’s goal is to open your mind to the thought process that goes on when creating an image for both PPA print competition and for your client. He will discuss light, posing within the light, color harmony, composition, and more of the 12 elements of an artistic image..  When you leave this program, you will find new backgrounds in places you would normally walk by. You will see usable light, depth and dimensions like never before. You will understand when and how to work without strobes.  You will know how to create emotion in your work and how to use psychology to your advantage. Yes.  It is a lot to take in, but you can’t help but learn with the real stories, straight forward explanations and demonstrations of each and every detail.

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