An Artist's Journey

This program, as its name implies, will take you on the journey the Waldens are

on as they continue to finesse their fine art brand of portraiture.

During this presentation, Tim discusses the answers to three questions they had

to answer as they walked this journey.


Defining yourself as a fine art portrait artist, perfecting your style and

understanding how to stay relevant in a cluttered photographic world.


Implementing higher standards to meet an artist’s criteria, understanding

the value of craftsmanship and using creative lighting, posing and post-capture

to elevate the art.


Rewarding in the financial realm through becoming excellent in the sales

room doing In Person sales and building and developing products for a

successful outcome

  Tim Walden,   Hon. M. Photog., M. Photog., M.Photog., Cr., F-ASP, CPP


Tim took over Walden’s Photography from his father in 1980, taking the studio 

in an entirely different direction when he developed the Walden trademark “Relationship” Black and White Fine Art portraiture. Today, he and his wife Beverly run a high-end studio, providing beautifully crafted images for their clients as well as traveling the world teaching and sharing with other photographers. 

Tim Walden, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr.CPP,F-ASP 

PPA-Photographic Master and Craftsman Degrees 

ASP-Photographic Fellowship Degree 

PPA President 2012-2013 

PPA Chairman of the Board 2013-2014 

Member of Society of  25 (XXV) 

Member of CameraCraftsmen of America 

IPC (International Photographic Council) Leadership Award 2014 

Kodak Mentor and Teacher 

Internationally  Approved Juror 

International Speaker 

National Award Winner 

Imaging Excellence Award Recipient 

Gerhard Bakker Award for outstanding service through education in the field of photography and visual communications 

Contact Info: Walden’s Photography 




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IMAGES THAT SPEAK - Feb. 20th - 9-5pm 

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