Table of Contents

Article I - Membership

          Section 1 - New Members

          Section 2 - Memberships

          Section 3 - Explusion

          Section 4 - Membership Lapse

          Section 5 - Reinstatement of Former Members

          Section 6 - Sexual Harassment

Article II - Nomination, Election & Removal of Officers

         Section 1 - Nominating Committee

         Section 2 - Candidates

         Section 3 - Elections

        Section 4 - District Officer Elections

        Section 5 - Removal from Office

Article III - Duties of Elected Officers

        Executive Board Members

        Chairman of the Board


       1st Vice President

       2nd Vice President

       Recording Secretary

       Blue Ridge District Governor

       Capital District Governor

       Northern District Governor

       Tidewater District Governor

Appointed Executive Board Members

       Executive Treasurer

       Executive Secretary

Board Appointees

       Event Coordinator

       Co-Image Competition Chairmen

       Web Administrator

       Social Media Manager



        Lt. Governor


Board Appointed or Approved Positions/Committees

       Wild Apricot DataBase District Coordinator

       Education Committee

       Audio-Visual Chairman

Other Positions

       PPA Councilors

Article IV - Duties & Functions of the Board of Directors

Article V - Committees

   Standing Committees





Article VI - Dues

          Anniversary Dates

         Membership Categories

Article VII - Degrees & Credits

          Section 1 - Purpose

          Section 2 - Degrees Offered

          Section 3 - Credits Required

         Section 4 - Types of Awards

          Section 5 - Gold Bars

          Section 6 - Board of Degrees

          Section 7 - Image Credits

          Section 8 - Service Credits

Article VIII - Voting Privileges

Article IX - Conduct of Meetings

          Board of Director

          Annual and Special


Article X - Convention 

Article XIII - Seminar Committees

Article XIV - Other Membership Programs


          Memorial Scholarships

          Bruce Hobbs Scholarship

         The National Award

          The Virginia Award

          Life Memberships

          Honorary Memberships

          The Renny Cave Service Award


District MAP

Policy Manual

*NOTE: Everything under Policy refers to Articles of the By-Laws unless otherwise specified.



Section 1: New Members


               1. Prospective members may attend two meetings within his/her District without paying dues to the Association. After two meetings, whether they are consecutive, prospective members are required to make an application for VPPA membership as prescribed by the Board of Directors before attending any other meetings.

                2. Membership categories are defined in Section 2. Applicants select the category that fits their experience level which is also defined in Section 2.  The Board of Directors has the right to decide the validity of the chosen category.

                3. The Board retains the right to grant exceptions to an application where warranted.

                4. Any prospective member whose application is awaiting final approval by the Board of Directors may attend District Meetings, the Summer Seminar or the Annual Convention without paying any additional fees.

                5. Membership Anniversary Date (the date dues become due)

                                5.a. Members who were a member on October 31, 2017 will retain a January official Anniversary Date.

                                5.b. Any membership accepted between October 31, 2017 and March 28, 2018 will retain a January official                                                       Anniversary Date.

                                5.c.  Any membership accepted after March 29, 2018 will retain the date they join as their official   Anniversary                                                Date.

                6. Applications

                                6.a. Online applications will be approved by the Executive Secretary if the applicant is a Professional and if it is an Aspiring Membership the information will be forwarded to board members and if the application is not contested it will be approved within 72 hours.  These approvals are contingent on final approval of the board at the next regularly scheduled board of director meeting.

                                6.b. If the membership application is mailed to the Executive Treasurer, the Treasurer will contact the Executive Secretary to enter information into the data base and proceed per 6.1. above.

                7.  Dues for members in all categories include registration for the VPPA Convention and Seminar. All categories may attend District meetings and social events in any district.

                                7.a. One exception – Aspiring members who have reached the 2-year limit and choose to remain   Aspiring, they will be charged to attend Seminar and Convention as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

                8.  Members electing to pay monthly dues will be charged a service fee set by the Board.



                1.            Professional

1.a.  An individual of legal age who either resides or works primarily in the Commonwealth of Virginia, who is         actively engaged in the profession of photography, videography, electronic imaging, teaching, or other closely related fields, may apply for membership in this category.

1.b.  Applicant should derive a portion of their income from photography or other closely related business.

1.c.  Professional members are expected to adhere to all local regulations and to the statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia including but not limited to collecting and paying sales tax on all sales, zoning laws and any other pertinent licensing regulations.

1.d.  All rights and privileges are granted in this category.

2.               Professional PPA

2.a.  All of the above (Section 2. Memberships, 1. Professional) except member receives an additional discount for PPA Membership.

3.            Non Resident Professional

3.a.  An individual of legal age actively engaged in the image making profession but who neither resides in nor routinely works in the Commonwealth of Virginia; but who wishes to affiliate with the VPPA, may apply for membership in this category.

3.b.  It is recommended and encouraged that a non-resident member also belong to the association of the state in which they reside or works

3.c.  Non-Resident Professional members may enter image competition and are eligible for one award given annually, the Non-Resident Award.

3.d.  The rights to vote and to hold office are prohibited.

3.e.  All other rights and privileges are granted.

4.           Non Resident Professional PPA

4.a.  All of the above (Section 2. Memberships, C. Non Resident Professional) except member receives an additional discount for PPA Membership

5.           Aspiring Professional/Admin/Student

5. a An individual who is exploring the possibility of becoming  an image maker as their primary vocation, an   individual who does not yet meet the minimum standards of the Association or someone who lacks any of the requirements for Professional membership may apply in this category. There is a two year limit.

5.b.  At the end of the two year limit, if the member does not want to upgrade to a Professional status, they can       remain Aspiring but will be charged to attend Summer Seminar and Convention.

5.c.   At the end of the two-year period, if the member upgrades to Professional status, all credits earned from images submission or service will count towards their VA degrees.

5.d.  The rights to vote and hold office are prohibited. The use of the seal, logo and membership pin is not permitted.

5.e.  These members are not eligible for any VPPA sponsored scholarships or degrees.

5.f.   Names are not listed on the website.

5.g.   Aspiring members may enter image competition and are eligible for the Aspiring Award only.

5.h.   There will be one Aspiring Professional Image competition Award given annually.

5.i.   All other rights and privileges are granted 

6.            Retired Membership

                6.a.An individual no longer active in the image making profession may choose to have their Professional,   Professional PPA, Non Resident Professional or Non Resident Professional PPA membership classification changed.

                6. b.  These members are not eligible for any VPPA sponsored scholarships.

                6.c.  Retired members may enter image competition and are eligible for the Retired Award only. 

                6.d.  Names are not listed on the website.

                6.e.  Member must petition the Board of Directors to ask for this membership change.

        6.f.  All other rights and privileges are granted.

7.    Life Membership

        7.a.The Board of Directors may award Life Membership in recognition of faithful and exceptional service to the Association or for any other good and sufficient reason.

        7. b.Member must submit an application to be reviewed by the Board of Directors, have been a Professional Member of VPPA for 30 consecutive years or 60-years old, holds a VPPA Degree or who  is a Past President of VPPA.

        7.c.All the rights and privileges of Professional Members are granted in this category

        7.d.Life Members pay no dues or registration fees.

8.       Honorary Membership

              8.a.The Board of Directors may extend Honorary Membership to anyone deemed worthy of this distinction.

              8.b.This person need not be connected to the profession of image making

              8.c.The Honorary Member is placed on the state mailing list and is given complimentary registration at  the Convention and Seminar.

              8.d.There are no other rights and privileges

9.       Support/Office Staff 

9. a  A potential member qualifying for this category must be sponsored by a Professional Member.

9.b.  Is not a photographer.

9.c.  Receives no benefits except free access to meetings and events as a support person to the member who sponsored them.

 Section 3. EXPULSION

1.       No member may be expelled without a hearing.  They have to be given fifteen days notice prior to the hearing of the alleged violation with the place, time and date.   Member must be advised of the nature of the complaint.

2.       It shall be the duty of the President to notify such person and to advise them to be present with counsel, if desired.

3.       After at least six months have elapsed, a former member may reapply to the Association. The exception is any member convicted of sexual harassment or other criminal activity.


1.       If a member does not pay dues by 30-days after their due date, an email is sent from the Board stating that their membership has lapsed and that all rights and privileges cease. The former member will also lose tenure unless dues are paid before the end of their anniversary year.


1.       Any former Professional member applying for readmission who has previously earned Virginia Degrees and Credits retains those Degrees and Credits once their membership has been reinstated.

2.       Any former member applying for readmission will retain tenure for all dues paying years to the association. 


1.       All sexual harassment is strictly forbidden.  Comments, innuendoes, jokes, pictures and graffiti of a sexual nature are inappropriate.   Unwelcome touches of a sexual nature and invitations, expressed or implied, to engage in any form of sexual activity is forbidden.

2.       Any member who experiences sexual harassment by a VPPA member or any invited guest should report the circumstances in writing to a member of the Ethics Committee or directly to the President.

3.       All claims will be seriously considered.

4.       The relevant parties will be allowed to present their cases to the Ethics Committee.

5.       If the Ethics Committee finds any member guilty of sexual harassment, it will recommend to the Board that the member be summarily and permanently expelled.  The Board takes the final action.  Any member accused of any alleged sexual harassment act is entitled to an appeal per the Ethics Procedures and Guidelines.

  Section 7 . Cyber BULLYING POLICY

1.       Bullying Laws in Virginia.  If any person, with intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestions or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

2.       Any for of the above will not be tolerated .

3.       All claims will be seriously considered

4.       The relevant parties will be allowed to present their cases to the Ethics Committee.

5.       If the Ethics Committee finds any member guilty of Cyber Bullying per the definition above, it will recommend to the Board that the member be summarily and permanently expelled.  The Board take the final action.  Any member accused of any alleged cyber bullying act is entitled to an appeal per the Ethics Procedures and Guidelines.





1.       The Chairman of the Board serves as chairman for selecting a slate of officers.

2.       The Executive Board comprises the committee.

3.       The Executive Secretary and the Executive Treasurer are to be permanent members of the committee.

 Section 2.  CANDIDATES

1.       Great care should be exercised in selecting an incoming Recording Secretary.

2.       Nominee should have served at least one year as Governor of his or her district or other leadership experience.

3.       Nominee should also demonstrate leadership and management skills, the ability to work well with others and organizational proficiency. The nominee should be capable of advancing to the office of President and performing the duties of each office satisfactorily.

4.       Nominee should be willing to commit the required amount of time to execute each office.

5.       The person selected will be expected to put the best interests of the Association ahead of personal interests or advantages.

6.       Notice shall be sent out by the Chairman of the Board in August inquiring as to whether qualified member are interested in the Recording Secretary Office.

 Section 3.  ELECTIONS

1.       The slate of officers is proposed at the Annual Business Meeting of the Association by the former Chairman of the Board. The complete slate consists of Chairman of the Board, President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President and Recording Secretary.

2.       The former Chairman of the Board serving on the nominating committee but not a member of the current Board presents the slate. Nominations from the floor may be accepted providing that the nominees are qualified and have agreed to serve the full terms and execute the offices satisfactorily.

3.       Once the nominations are closed, the current Board Chairman conducts the election, reminding the membership that ONLY Professional, Professional PPA, Non-Residential Professional, Non-Professional PPA, Retired and Life members are eligible to vote.

4.       If there are 2 or more nominees for any office and a voice or hand vote cannot determine the winner, then the election must be conducted by paper ballot.

5.       The current Chairman of the Board will make these available after the annual meeting at the Registration Desk and will check the membership category of each person who votes.

6.       The votes will be counted by the full Nominating Committee and announced at a later time.

7.       If there is a tie, the Chairman of the Board will cast the deciding vote.


1.       Each District should have a Governor, Lt. Governor, and Treasurer.

2.       Current Governor appoints a nominating committee to present a slate of officers to its members. The current Governor plus two of the District’s past Governors serve on the nominating committee. Any of the past Governors who are still active in the District may be asked to serve.

3.       Nominations from the floor are permitted providing that the nominees are qualified and have agreed to serve the full terms and execute the offices satisfactorily.

4.       ONLY Professional, Professional PPA, Retired and Life members are eligible to vote or hold office.  

5.       Officers shall be elected not later than six weeks before the beginning of the fiscal year in a manner set forth by the District. If possible, the slate should be announced in August/September and the election held in October. New officers are installed at the November District Meeting.  The District may choose to have an electronic or mailed ballot instead of a voice vote. If the vote is by mail or is electronic, the person(s) tallying the ballots must be a member of the Board from outside the District in question so that there is no appearance of impropriety.

6.       In the event an officer's position other than Governor (refer to Article VIII, Section 6 of the Constitution for appointment of the Governor) shall become temporarily vacant, it shall be filled by appointment made by the Governor but for no longer than the remainder of the current term. 

7.       If at the time of district nominations there is no candidate for one of the positions, the Nominating committee shall continue actively looking for a qualified member to fill that position as soon as possible.  When a suitable candidate(s) is (are) found, the district members should be notified of the nominee(s) and a vote taken at the next monthly meeting.

8.       Names and contact information of the new officers should be sent to the Executive Secretary as soon as the election is held.


1.       If an officer on the Board is not performing the duties of his or her office in an effective manner, the concern should be brought to the attention of the President who would then communicate to the Board. If the officer in question is the President, then the Chairman of the Board would be the channel of communication.

2.       The officer in question should immediately be notified in writing or in person of the alleged offense.

3.       Said officer would then have the chance to correct the offense(s) or prepare an explanation.

4.       If, in the opinion of the Board, the conditions do not improve sufficiently, the Board may request the officer to resign

5.       This would not mean revocation of membership.

6.       The removal from office would not have to wait for the next scheduled Board meeting, but could be accomplished in Executive session. This could be via phone, mail, online or at a called meeting.

7.       If the person who is not performing the duties is a District officer, then the concerns would be brought to the District Governor and the same procedure would be followed on the district level.


Duties of Elected Officers

 *NOTE: All members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend the Convention, Seminar, Board Meetings and as many District Meetings as possible.



1.       Shall attend and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting of the membership, thus giving the President the opportunity to enter into discussions and to make motions. Is not entitled to a vote.

2.       Shall, during the Convention, act as good-will ambassador to all attendees, especially vendors and new members.

3.       Shall be Chairman of the Nominating Committee, and as such, shall gather the other members to discuss potential candidates.

4.       The immediate Past Chairman of the Board, should present the nominations at the Annual Meeting while the current Chairman of the Board presides and conducts the election, reminding the members that only Professional, Professional PPA, Non-Resident, Non-Resident PPA, Retired and Life members are eligible to vote.

5.       Shall if there are 2 or more nominees for any office and a voice vote is indeterminate, create paper ballots and make them available at the Registration Desk.

6.       Shall oversee the voting by ballot and check the membership category of each person voting, restricting the votes to those eligible as stated in the By-laws.

7.       Shall present ballots to full nominating committee for counting and then announce the results.

8.       Shall be the liaison between the Board of Directors and all Past Presidents. As such, the Chairman is responsible for all communication with the Past Presidents and is host of the event honoring them at the Annual Convention.


1.            Shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote, except under when called to preside over the meeting.

2.            Shall preside over the meeting in the absence of the Chairman of the Board.

3.            Shall officially represent VPPA to other organizations and conduct themselves accordingly.

4.            Shall meet with the retiring President for advice and any records that they may wish to transfer.

5.            Shall three weeks prior to a Board meeting request agenda items from the members of the Board.

6.            Shall prepare an itemized agenda for each Board of Directors meeting and issue notices of these meetings at least ten days in advance of scheduled date.  Every effort should be made to make the agenda as complete as  possible, and it should be followed as written unless circumstances dictate modifying the order of business.

7.            If it is necessary to postpone a meeting because of inclement weather or other conditions, the President has the responsibility to notify all Board members of the cancellation and of the new arrangements.

8.            Shall be chairman of the Finance Committee.

9.            Shall appoint any committees needed for the effective operation of the Association and shall serve as ex-officio member on all these committees.

10.          In the official capacity as President, is encouraged to attend one meeting in each district during their term of office, addressing the members to encourage support and involvement and answering any questions.

11.          Shall act as liaison to District Governors, offering them guidance upon request and especially assisting in planning seminars.               

12.          Shall, if problems arise within the organization or within a District, determine the course of action that should be taken.  The Executive Board may be consulted before the President decides on the appropriate course of action.

13.          Shall write the “President’s Message” reports for the VPPA website.

14.          Shall during the Convention and Seminars make an effort to see that all speakers, judges, guests and new  members are welcomed and invited to any scheduled social functions. 

15.          Shall select the recipient of the Virginia Award under the established guidelines and notify the Trophy Committee chairman six weeks prior to Convention to have the trophy engraved.  

16.          Shall preside during the Awards Banquet.

17.          Shall assist with the awarding of ribbons and trophies to image competition winners.

18.          Shall be chairman of the Board of Degrees and as such shall present certificates to the inductees.

19.          Shall throughout their tenure encourage an increase in membership through the recruitment of new members and retention of current members.

20.          Shall intervene and appoint a 5-member Appeals Action Team in the event that any Ethics Violation can not be resolved by the Ethics Committee and either subject requests a review.


1.       Shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote.

2.       Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer or during a vacancy in that office.

3.       Shall be Convention Chairman, thus shall be responsible for planning and running the Annual Convention.

4.       Shall, with the Event Coordinator, attend all meetings with the hotel staff and assist in negotiations for meeting space, room rates and commitments, annual brunch, banquet, all other meals or social functions, and if necessary, equipment rental. 

5.       Shall bring to the Board a proposed list of speakers and an estimated budget no less than 6 months prior to the Convention.

6.       Shall work with the Event Coordinator and Executive Treasurer with approved procedures and have a signed contract stating the exact amount of fees, travel expenses and method of payment for each speaker and judge. . Shall consult with the Image Salon Chairman on the selection of judges, using speakers when possible.

7.       Shall advise the Board of the roster of speakers and judges as soon as commitments are complete.

8.       Shall begin to publicize the event as soon as the Board has approved the program selections. Notice should be sent to PPA, district newsletters, and any other appropriate forms of promotion.

9.       Shall secure from each speaker:

a.       A photograph for website. 

b.       Exact title and length of program, if not already established.

c.       Complete biography including photographic degrees earned and previous program experience.

d.       List of required props and models, including audio-visual needs, preferred lighting equipment, podium, chairs, backgrounds or other special requests.

10.   Shall provide to the Props and Models chairman a list of each speaker’s requests appropriate for this committee as soon as it is received.

11.   Shall provide to the Audio-Visual chairman a list of all equipment requested by each speaker and shall keep in touch with the A-V chair to see that the equipment is available.

12.   Shall secure a room at the hotel for storage of props, equipment etc.

13.   Shall, following the Board’s established guidelines, make airline reservations for all speakers and hotel reservations for speakers and all applicable VPPA officers.  Consult with Event Coordinator.

14.   Shall at least two months prior to the Convention, confirm with speakers and judges.

15.   Shall assist the Event Coordinator in applying for merits by providing the complete list of speakers, judges, President and Convention Chairman, along with their PPA membership numbers and state affiliation.

16.   Shall appoint any Convention Committee Chairmen not previously selected and furnish them a list of duties.

17.   Shall assign a program liaison to each Convention speaker, informing each of the identity of the other.

18.   Shall check to insure that all committees are promptly and completely fulfilling their obligations.

19.   Shall arrange and image schedule being careful to give specific times and places for all events and recognize any sponsors.

20.   Allow sufficient time for members to visit the Trade Show when nothing else is scheduled.

21.   Provide extra copies of the timetable for the registration desk, corporate sponsorship.

22.   Shall post one person at the door of all Convention activities to prevent anyone from entering without proper identification. This includes gathering meal tickets as a check on the hotel count.

23.   Shall coordinate with the Sponsorship Chairman to  solicit from suppliers and vendors sponsorship money for speakers, parties, the banquet, coffee breaks, etc. and give recognition to them with written and verbal acknowledgement whenever possible.

24.   Shall with the Entertainment Committee develop a theme for the All Convention Party and publicize it well in advance—especially if costumes are encouraged.

25.   Shall provide the Board and webmaster with an accurate schedule, lists of committees, data on speakers and judges, information on special events and an article promoting the Convention.

26.   With approval from the Board, shall select and purchase an appropriate item for the Grand Door Prize.

27.   Shall work with the Scholarship Fundraising Chairman to decide how to raise funds and if possible solicit additional door prizes to be given away at the All Convention party.

28.   Shall send Thank You letters to speakers, vendors, committee chairmen and any others who deserve to receive special recognition.

29.   Shall be a member of the Finance Committee.


1.       Shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote.

2.       Shall, as soon as the materials are received from the previous chairman, inventory supplies, badge holders, etc. needed for smooth operation of registration desk and order any missing items in a timely fashion

3.       Shall bring the Convention registration form to the Board for approval as early as possible.

4.       Shall prepare and make available online the Convention registration forms and hotel information.

5.       Shall request that the web manager disseminate messages to the general membership inviting attendance and detailing plans,

6.       An accurate Convention schedule should be posted on the website as soon as it is available.

7.       Any Convention registration fees, banquet payments and any other money received during the event shall be forwarded to the Executive Treasurer with a detailed record of each transaction.

8.       Prior to Convention shall prepare name badges with appropriate ribbons attached for each person who has pre-registered as well as for speakers, judges and vendors. Ribbons should be attached for officers, committee chairmen, guests, new & life members, CPPs, etc.

9.       Shall be responsible for setting up and maintaining the registration desk at the Convention as follows:

      a.       Arrange with the hotel for placement of tables, chairs, trashcans and any other supplies

      b.       Have desk open for business at all reasonable times, including hours prior to the image entry deadline, hours before, during and between sessions and any other hours deemed feasible by the Board.

      c.       Procure proper identifying signs to display on or near desk.

      d.       Have sufficient registration forms, schedules, additional name badges and ribbons for anyone registering onsite.

      e.       Have pens, tape, scissors, magic markers, paper clips, stapler and a strong box available.

      f.        Prepare a form for every monetary transaction no matter how small, and give this money and the corresponding forms to the Exec. Treasurer by the end of the Convention.

10.   Keep an accurate account of meal function tickets as a confirmation for hotel charges.

11.   .Appoint some one to collect brunch and banquet tickets, if required.

12.   Maintain a running account of all registered participants.

13.   Count money and checks at the end of each day before giving them to the Exec. Treasurer. 

14.   When desk is closed for business, latecomers may be issued temporary badges and are required to register officially at the earliest possible time.

15.   Shall give an oral report on Registration at the Annual Meeting, at the Banquet and a detailed written report of all registration activity to the Board of Directors at its next meeting.

16.   Shall be a member of the Finance Committee.

17.   Shall appoint as early as possible the following positions for their Convention: Tradeshow Chairman, Program Liaison Chairman, etc..

18.   Meetings of committees and chairmen may be convened as necessary to assure efficient operation.

19.   Shall bring to the Board a written report of potential hotel sites, speakers, topics and sponsors when their convention planning begins.


1.       Shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote.

2.       Shall write and maintain accurate and permanent minutes of all Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Meetings beginning with the November Transitional Meeting.

3.       Shall draft these minutes as soon as possible after each meeting and e-mail and them to each member of the Board within two weeks.

4.       Shall maintain the complete collection of minutes in a special file and shall have these available at all meetings of the Board, published online and at the Annual Meeting.

5.       Shall include with permanent approved minutes the following reports: Executive Treasurer’s report including the New Members presented, District Governors’ reports, any other written fiscal reports and copies of any printed proposals.

6.       Shall be Assistant Chairman of the Convention registration committee and as such, shall help the Chairman with the organization and running of the registration desk.

7.       Shall be a member of the Finance Committee.

8.        Shall familiarize the incoming secretary with all duties of the office and the permanent minutes.

 ADDITIONAL BOARD MEMBERS (Duties Described under District Officers Section)








  1.          Is appointed by the Board of Directors and serves for a term of 4 Years.

  2.          Shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote.

  3.          Serves as an Executive Member of the Board of Directors.

  4.          Shall be custodian of the funds of the Association.

  5.          Shall be the registered agent for the Corporation.

  6.          Shall file by May 15th all necessary forms with the Internal Revenue Service.

  7.          Shall pay all accounts as authorized by the Board of Directors or the President.

  8.          Shall be a member of the Finance Committee and shall provide to this group and to the Board the financial                 history of the last 5 years including total costs of Conventions, Seminars, printed materials, website, general expenses etc. and other requested fiscal information.

  9.          Shall assist in planning a budget for the fiscal year, giving realistic expectations of income and disbursements.

10.          Shall balance the books of the organization, pay authorized bills including scholarship awards, collect and report   dues, deposit sponsorship, vendor and other checks and account for those to the Convention chairman and the Board.

11.          Shall prepare the official report for the Board and provide copies of the reconciled bank statement to the Finance Committee.

12.          Shall prepare and present a complete annual financial report at the January Board of Directors meeting with copies for each Board member.

13.          Shall aid in preparation for an audit if required by the Board of Directors or the membership.

14.          Shall provide petty cash before events to provide change at the Registration Desk.

15.          Shall keep account of and acknowledge all contributions made to the Memorial Scholarship Fund and shall notify    family, heirs or the authorized person of these contributions.

16.          Shall record each VPPA scholarship awarded, disburse the designated amount to the school or course selected, or log any scholarships not used within the designated time.

17.          Shall act as Treasurer for the Certified Professional Photographers, accounting for their monies in detail in a separate account within the VPPA books.

18.          Shall act as Liaison and consultant to each District Treasury, serving as secondary contact.

19.          Shall provide PPA all data and a check to reply to the annual requirement for the State and all Districts to remain status as a PPA Affiliate which gives them their allocation for PPA Merits to give out annually. 

20.          Shall serve as the primary intermediary between the VPPA Board of Directors and any outside accounting services the Board may deem necessary.


1.       Is appointed by the Board of Directors and serves for a term of 4 Years.

2.       Shall attend the meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote.

3.       Serves as an Executive Member of the Board of Directors.

4.       Shall be responsible for all official correspondence from the Board.

5.       Shall be familiar with the Constitution, By-laws and the Policy Manual. Shall periodically review these to assure compliance by the Association.

6.       Shall be charged with updating the Policy Manual as changes are made by the Board.

7.       Shall keep the membership application forms current and available to district and state officers.

8.       Shall execute and file any documents requested by PPA in order to maintain Affiliate status. 

9.       Shall be the contact person for PPA with regards to requesting merits and disseminating information.

10.   Shall keep on file samples of the official Speakers & Judges contracts, the agenda for the Board of Directors’ meetings, the agenda for the Annual Meeting and the Banquet and shall make available copies to the appropriate officers.

11.   Shall administer the Virginia Degree System which awards the Fellow of Photography and the Service of Photography honors:

a.       By keeping records of both image competition and service credits for all eligible members.

b.      By having on hand all supplies (ribbons, medallions, certificates) necessary for the operation of this program.

c.       By serving as Secretary of the Board of Degrees.

d.      By printing the appropriate certificates and assembling the correct medallion and ribbon for each award.

12.   Shall send membership packets to each new member approved by the Board of Directors.

                                The packet for Active and Additional Active members shall include:

                                1. Certificate of Membership                                      6. Copy of the Code of Conduct

                                2. Letter of Welcome                                                      7. Membership Pin

                                3. VPPA decal, Brochure                                                8. Social Media Information

                                4. Degree and Credit Letter                                         9. Image Competition Letter

                                5. Flyer on upcoming events                                       10. District Information.

13.   Shall prepare the official stationery for the Association including on the masthead the names and contact information for the current officers

14.   Shall Chair, along with all Board Members, the New Member Orientation which is open to all members.

15.   Shall be a member of the Nominating Committee.

16.   Shall be a member of the Scholarship Committee.  Shall prepare and distribute all documents associated with the scholarship program and make available to the committee.  Shall be responsible to contact all scholarship recipients of their award and the requirements as well as contact them prior to the expiration date should that occur.

17.   Shall notify in writing any member expelled for cause, such as failure to pay dues.

18.   Shall provide templates of District Governors’ and District Treasurers’ reports to incoming officers in Nov.

19.   Shall keep on file and make available to each Governor the District Speaker’s contract.

20.   Shall provide templates of the Seminar registration forms and for official Seminar reports to the Board.

21.   Shall review and revise the Members’ Handbook to keep it up to date and helpful to the members.   

22.   Shall work with the web manager and the Executive Treasurer to keep online records as accurate and current as possible.

23.   Shall keep the user name and password for the VPPA website and shall have the capacity to distribute mass e-mails to the members. 

24.   Shall maintain member profiles as Data Base Coordinator and produce reports and information as directed by the board or members. 

25.   Shall administer membership dues invoices under the direction of the Executive Treasurer.

26.   Secure Safe will be shared between the Executive Secretary, Executive Treasurer and the current Chairman of the Board.

27.   Shall perform additional duties as directed from the Executive Board of Directors.



1.       Shall be appointed by the Board and serve a four year term.

2.       Shall receive a vote on the Board of Directors

3.       Shall investigate potential sites for holding the convention and seminars. Consideration will be given for sufficient space for all possible events such as trade show, image competition, programs, registration desk, board and member meetings and banquet.  A central location with ease of access for members, costs of meeting and sleeping rooms, parking and restaurants should all be factors to consider.

4.       Shall be an advisor to the Executive Committee consisting of the following: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Executive Treasurer, Executive Secretary.

5.       Shall negotiate all hotel expenses and speaker fees, coordinate all sponsorship amounts and adhere to the budget set by the board.

6.       Shall report to the Board with options for convention and seminar sites, allowing sufficient time for consideration and comparison of options.

7.       Shall attend all meetings with the hotel staff that involve finances.

8.       Shall be available for discussion and advice in any area of planning for the convention.

9.       Shall keep the Audio/Visual Chairman fully involved as it pertains to their duties.

10.   Shall coordinate with the Convention Chairman regarding speakers and other planned events.

11.   Shall attend all board meetings and be available for discussion and advice in any area of the planning of the convention, seminar, or other state sponsored events.

12.   Shall use previous events as guidelines as needed concerning room rates, numbers and sizes of meeting rooms, meal prices, etc.

13.   Shall use previous events as guidelines as needed concerning room rates, numbers and sizes of meeting rooms, meal prices, etc.

14.   Shall serve as the Chairman of the Education Committee and populate that committee with committee members and subject Chairmen

                                                   SEMINAR DUTIES FOR THE EVENT COORDINATOR

1.       Is responsible for finding an appropriate site for the seminar, negotiating with the facility for dates, meeting space, room rates, reserved rooms, meal or break functions (if any) and other related considerations.

2.       Sets the dates trying to avoid any major secular or religious holidays or any neighboring state’s activities.

3.       Coordinated with the District Governors to expand duties to cover all the necessary tasks.

          a.       Marketing

          b.      Props, Models, Transportation

          c.       Registration

          d.      Speakers & Schedule

          e.       Party/Dinner

4.       Make arrangements for sleeping rooms if necessary for the chairmen of the A-V and Hospitality Committees. If the hotel offers a complimentary sleeping room or rooms, they may be used to accommodate these committee chairmen.

5.       The Seminar site chosen should have ample opportunities for participants to obtain meals easily and quickly.

6.       Sets the schedule for seminar activities including arrangements for on location photography if appropriate.

7.       Assigns an official photographer to cover the event and to turn over the images to the web admin and social media chairman.

8.       Checks the meeting room prior to the scheduled program to be sure that all preparations for seating, podium, water and any other special arrangements requested by the speakers have been made.

9.       In contacting talent for the programs, the Speaker Chairman should consider the following:

                                a.   Program topics should be selected based on wide appeal to largest audience.

                                b.   Speakers who have sponsorship money available should be given priority. Contact photo labs and large manufacturers to get a list of speakers they may already sponsor.

                                c.   Speaker Chairman with the assistance of the Event Coordinator will negotiate fees, travel  arrangements and expenses with speakers or their sponsors and bring the options to the Board for approval.

                                d.   Suggestions for potential programs can come from attending other state or regional conventions and seminars, from asking past and current officers for recommendations and from reading publications.

                                e..   Chair contacts the speaker(s) requesting a list of required equipment and models. This list should be given to the chairman of the audio/visual and the chairman of props/models committees at least one month in advance of the Seminar.

10.   Prepare VPPA contracts. Discuss procedures before mailing contracts.

11.   The speaker chairman shall as soon as possible request PPA merits, furnishing the speaker’s name, home state and PPA membership number. This Chairman should be present at the end of each program to award these certificates or arrange for another Chairman to do this.

12.   Chair is the liaison for speakers, making sure that they are aware of the schedule for all activities, including any social functions.


1.      Shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and serve for a term of 4 Years.

2.       The Chairman shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to one vote.

3.       Shall enforce all competition rules as recommended the by Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors.

4.       Shall bring to the Board any proposals for changes to the competition rules or to the operation of this committee and shall inform the members of any changes via an email and website.

5.       Shall be responsible for distributing to all of the members an accurate list of competition rules.

6.       Shall make forms for competition available to every eligible member of the Association.

7.       Shall consult with the Convention Chairman on the selection of judges.

8.       Shall determine from a list provided by the Executive Secretary the eligibility of all entrants. If eligibility or dues status of any entrant is questionable and inconclusive, the images will be judged but awarded no credits until the matter is resolved. Any known problems should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors at their meeting the night before judging for resolution if possible.

9.       Shall appoint sufficient members to this committee to insure the smooth running of the image salon and shall provide a schedule of times the committee members will be needed.

10.   Shall prior to the Convention make sure that the scoring system and the recording system are running efficiently and accurately.

11.   The chairman shall oversee any necessary decisions of compliance with the VPPA image competition rules prior to the competition.

12.   Shall make sure the judges understand the rules of the Virginia image competition BEFORE the session begins and shall be on hand to answer any questions the judges may have during the competition..

13.   Shall provide the materials necessary for the proper functioning of the committee.

14.   Shall explain the functions of the committee members and assign duties to those working to assure a smooth running salon.

15.   Shall see that all judges are at their stations at the appointed time to start the procedure.

16.   Shall supervise the Image Scoring and Image Display Committees.

17.   Shall compile an accurate list of all image scores.

18.   Shall during the closed judging, after advising the judges of VA image competition awards, supervise the display of all blue ribbon images for the purpose of determining Best in Show and other honors.

19.   Shall furnish the Trophy Chairman with makers’ names correctly spelled and the exact categories.

20.   Shall promptly supply the Executive Secretary with an accurate list of all image competition credits earned towards the Virginia degrees.

21.   Shall give the awards presentation chairman a jpeg image and the full name of all blue ribbon winners, indicating which images have won additional awards. The list should be in the order in which they will be presented at the banquet.

22.   Shall provide a script giving the order of award presentation to the Trophy committee .

23.   Shall be Master of Ceremonies during the image competition awards part of the banquet being sure to recognize the sponsors of specific awards and allowing said sponsor(s) to present the plaque.

24.   Shall give the Executive Secretary a precise list of all award winning images and the names of makers in the order in which they were presented

25.   Shall notify any absent recipients and dispatch their awards, preferably in care of the Governor from the maker’s District.

26.   Shall conduct the Convention image critique at the scheduled time inviting and instructing the participating judges.

27.   Shall be in charge of the Seminar Image Competition Critiques, securing judges qualified to speak and the equipment   needed to display the images. *See seminar descriptions for further informative details.

28.   Shall conduct the image competition critique by showing the images individually and calling on judges for opinions.

29.   Make sure that all purchased print critiques are distributed to PPA approved jurors for review and critiques.  Make sure the critiques are delivered via Dropbox or similar in a timely fashion.  Make sure those that critiqued are paid (if applicable).

30.   If the print competition is opened up to other affiliates make sure that is marketed and publicized to affiliates.  And at the end of the competition make sure that their results are delivered in a timely fashion and any payment (if applicable) is given back to the affiliate

31.   Make sure that there is a complete list of awards/trophies to be distributed and get sponsorship for as many as possible.  These sponsors should be billed and MUST pay before the awards presentation night.


1.       Shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and server for a term of 4 Years 

2.       Shall attend all meeting and shall receive a vote on the Board of Directors.

3.       Shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the VPPA website with information provided. This includes but is not limited to any changes reported by individual members

4.       Shall work with the designer, Social Media Chairman, Executive Secretary, Marketing Director, etc. to promote the VPPA to potential clients and to those interested in joining the VPPA.

5.       Shall bring to the Board for approval any proposed changes to the content or format with details of these proposals including any associated costs.

6.       Shall encourage the use of the website as a resource for the membership and keep all current information posted there.

7.       Shall use the website and social media to promote and market the Association and its functions.

8.       Shall provide a section of the website that is available to the public listing Professional and any Life members who are still working in photography.  These are the only members allowed to attach images to their listings.

9.       Shall maintain a section of the website to be used solely by VPPA members. Membership will be verified before access is permitted. Access to others is denied. This section should have the entire membership roster as well as pertinent information concerning the functioning of the Association.

10.   Shall provide backups to the website and archive as prescribed by the Board of Directors.


1.       Shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of 4 Years.

2.       Shall attend all meeting and shall receive a vote on the Board of Directors.

3.       Shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the VPPA website with information provided. This includes but is not limited to any changes reported by individual members

4.       Shall work with the designer, Social Media Chairman, Executive Secretary, Marketing Director, etc. to promote the VPPA to potential clients and to those interested in joining the VPPA.

5.       Shall bring to the Board for approval any proposed changes to the content or format with details of these proposals including any associated costs.

6.       Shall encourage the use of the website as a resource for the membership and keep all current information posted there.

7.       Shall use the website and social media to promote and market the Association and its functions.

8.       Shall provide a section of the website that is available to the public listing Professional and any Life members who are still working in photography.  These are the only members allowed to attach images to their listings.

9.       Shall maintain a section of the website to be used solely by VPPA members. Membership will be verified before access is permitted. Access to others is denied. This section should have the entire membership roster as well as pertinent information concerning the functioning of the Association.

10.   Shall provide backups to the website and archive as prescribed by the Board of Directors.


1.       Shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and serve for a term of 4 Years.

2.       Shall attend all meeting and shall receive a vote on the Board of Directors.

3.       Shall oversee the archival of VPPA History and Association Activities/Events digitally and/or in print.

4.       Shall oversee the photography on all Association Activities and Events, covered by volunteers.

5.       Shall assist members in locating information about past Association Events.

6.       Shall define and collect physical memorabilia to be kept for the future.

7.       Shall function as Parliamentarian at board meetings.

8.       Shall identify applicable existing ByLaws and Policies for the Board.

DUTIES OF DISTRICT OFFICERS (Only the Governor is considered a VPPA Board Member)

All District Officers are expected to assist with Seminar preparations and assist the

Marketing and Membership Directors.


1.       Shall attend meetings of the Board of Directors and is entitled to a vote.

2.       Shall serve a 2-year term.

3.       Shall be a member of PPA.

4.       Shall attend VPPA functions including the annual Convention and seminars hosted by other Districts.

5.       Shall coordinate programs with the Event Coordinator; in addition to several local programs, entertainment and social events.

6.       Shall preside at meetings in their district and shall officially represent the District elsewhere.

7.       Shall be responsible for coordinating with the Event Coordinator to contribute to the organization of the Summer Seminar by taking on a leadership role (i.e. Registration, Props & Models, Equipment, Planning and Executing the Party)       * NOTE: Consult the section on Seminar Duties for the Event Coordinator for more details and additional duties.

8.       Shall, if the District is an Affiliated member of PPA, apply for all PPA Merits needed to award speakers and judges of monthly meetings, this includes the Virginia Reel speakers/judges, at the time of their programs. [Merits for the Seminar come from the state allotment; however the Governor must supply all pertinent information to Executive Secretary.]

9.       Shall be responsible for written contracts and obligations on the District level that are not part of the Virginia Reel.  The Virginia Reel, Annual Convention and Summer Seminar contracts are handled by the the Event Coordinator/Education Chair.

10.   Shall maintain a “phone tree” and/or email distribution list of district members so that the officers can contact them with information or reports of an immediate nature. Officers are encouraged to use this phone tree at least twice a year to invite non-attending members to a district meeting.  The official member roster is located in the Wild Apricot ( database.  Information about members, access to email distribution and event registrations reside there.  There should be a Wild Apricot trained person in each District or contact the Executive Secretary if you need additional assistance.

11.   Shall monitor the official board forum (currently SLACK) to monitor new member applicants and send welcome messages as appropriate.

12.   Shall from time to time review your District membership list and make sure all members have membership categories assigned correctly, and that PPA numbers and CPP status is updated.

13.   Shall enforce the non-member policy limiting guests to only 2 total visits to District meetings even if they are not in the same year. After 2 meetings this person must present an application to join before attending any other function.

14.   Shall assist the Membership Director or Executive Secretary for membership growth within the District by recruitment of new members and retention of existing ones.

15.   Shall prepare copies of the District report (following the suggested format) for all members of the Board.

16.   Shall be responsible for informing members of the District about all current proposals being considered or measures passed by the Board of Directors as well as future state sponsored events, district meetings and when possible meetings in other states and districts to their membership.

17.   Shall, if it is necessary to postpone a District Meeting because of inclement weather or other circumstances, have the responsibility to inform the members of the cancellation and any new arrangements.

18.   Shall inform Web Administrator and Social Media Manager of all events in the District as soon as they are scheduled.

19.   Shall appoint committees as needed to carry out the effective operation of the District.

20.   Shall at the end of their term furnish the Executive Secretary with a list of all VPPA members presenting programs in the District either at the monthly meetings or the seminar.

21.   Shall be allowed 2 Service Credits to be distributed to a member or  1 Service Credit to 2 members for exceptional service to the them during the year.  These must be reported to the Executive Secretary by year end.

22.   Shall execute the duties of their office in such a way as to promote the effective operation of the Association and shall perform any other appropriate tasks as requested by the Board.

23.   Must be familiar with the VPPA Constitution, ByLaws and Policy Manual. 


1.       Shall perform the duties of the Governor during the absence of that officer or a vacancy in that office.

2.       Shall serve a 2-year term.

3.       Shall assist the Governor in scheduling and planning of monthly and annual social functions.

4.       Shall be responsible for collecting publicity of District events and news of individual members to be published in the VPPA media outlets.  Shall send the webmaster a current photo and short bio to be used online.

5.       Shall assist the Membership Director or Executive Secretary for membership growth within the District by recruitment of new members and retention of existing ones.

6.       Shall be a member of the Marketing Committee and shall assist in the development and creation of marketing materials and their distribution.

7.       Shall notify the newsletter editor, the VPPA Social Media Manager and the webmaster as soon as programs are scheduled for publicity.

8.       Shall provide for refreshments at District meetings unless the host elects to supply them. Either may be reimbursed according to the District’s policy.

9.       Shall assist the Governor in any way possible to promote the effective operation of the District.

10.   Shall attend at least one VPPA Board of Directors meeting during the year.  May be called upon to attend additional Board of Director meetings when the Governor is not available.

11.   Shall execute the duties of their office in such a way as to promote the effective operation of the Association and shall perform any other appropriate tasks as requested by the Board.

12.   Must be familiar with the VPPA Constitution, ByLaws and Policy Manual. 


1. Shall act as custodian of all funds for the District.

                a. Shall keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures.

                b. Shall prepare a complete and correct copy of the treasurer’s report (following the form suggested) and  provide it to the Governor before each Board of Directors meeting.

                c. Shall provide copies of the reconciled district bank statements to the Governor with each report to the Board.

                d. Shall pay bills as directed by the Governor from receipts submitted.

2.  Shall if any fees owed to the state are collected from members or non-members, immediately forward this money with appropriate forms or explanations to the Executive Treasurer. 

3.  Shall perform any appropriate duties that the Association or District may direct.

4.  Districts may choose to have a permanent Treasurer to simplify records and bank contacts. This person will be subject to re-election each year but will not move up to the next position.



1.       Shall be familiar with the Wild Apricot Data Base software.

2.       Shall be appointed by the Executive Secretary and approved by the Board.

3.       Shall manage event registrations for their District

4.       Shall help members in the use of the software with registration of events and access to member profiles.

5.       Shall coordinate correspondence with the membership on events by email and social media.

6.       Shall monitor the contact list of all District members and advise of changes to the Executive Secretary.

7.       Shall participate in the newsletter program as set up by the Marketing Director.

8.       Shall perform such duties as directed by the Governor or Board of Directors.


1.       Shall be chaired by the Event Coordinator

2.       Members will be appointed by the Event Coordinator with approval from the President of the Board.

3.       Shall oversee and insure that the sub-committees are fulfilling their responsibilities

4.       Shall make any budget requests with justifications to the Executive board in a timely fashion

5.       Shall coordinate various education and training events with appropriate committees or officers as deemed practical.

6.       Sub-Committees are:

          a.       Virginia Reel – find and contract with 3 to 5 speakers that will come through the Virginia districts and speak at all four for PPA Merits.   District Governors will work with the Event Coordinator to present a a variety of subjects and topics

          b.      Maintain the Virginia Speaking Library – this is a repository of speaker packets for any VPPA members that would like to offer their speaking services/programs to local VPPA districts and beyond.  It gives our districts great local talent to pull from and it also gives us options for “trading” speakers with other affiliates.  For example if we can get a speaker to come to Virginia for a reduced speaking fee and/or expenses then we can repay the favor and they can select one of our speakers to do the same in their state.  All of this is mutually decided and needs to be agreed upon by both parties and their contracts with the other affiliate needs to be negotiated personally not with Virginia PPA

          c.       Mentorship Program for VPPA members – develop and maintain a mentorship program for VPPA members

          d.      Marketing – supply information to the Social Media, Web Admin and Executive Secretary to advertise and promote programs.


1.       Shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for an undetermined length of time due to the skill set required.

2.       Shall recruit other members to serve on the committee who will assist at the Convention, Seminars and any other state programs as requested.

3.       Shall inventory, classify and maintain all equipment owned by the Association. The inventory, compiled at least once a year, should include the value of each piece of equipment for insurance purposes.

4.       Shall recommend to the Board any replacement or acquisition of equipment necessary to maintaining an efficient operation.

5.       Shall receive from the Convention or Seminar Chairmen a list of the audio-visual equipment requested by speakers and arrange for anything not owned by the Association to be borrowed from a member or rented in the most economical manner.

6.       Shall insure that appropriate equipment is set up and ready prior to the start of image competition and all other programs.

7.       Shall assist speakers in coordinating any AV part of their programs.

8.       Shall have a committee member operate the equipment during all programs and the banquet.

9.       Shall return all equipment to the proper individuals (if borrowed) or to storage at the end of the Convention and Seminars.

10.   Shall submit any bills for rental or expenses to the Exec. Treasurer within two weeks of the end of the event.


 PPA COUNCILOR - Nominated and Elected by PPA

1.       Shall represent the Virginia Association as a voting member of the PPA Council.

2.       The number of councilors is determined by the national association Virginia PPA Member list.  At present Virginia is entitled to four councilors.

3.       A Councilor must be a Professional, Retired or Life member of PPA.

4.       A Councilor must be a resident of or have his principal place of business in the state of Virginia.

5.       Any person considered for nomination as representative to the PPA Council should have demonstrated interest by actively attending PPA Conventions in previous years and currently participating in the State Association.

6.       Should they move out of VA, resign or become for any reason unable to function in this office, the VPPA Board of Directors will inform the PPA President and may make recommendation for a successor. The PPA President will then appoint an interim representative to serve out the balance of the current term.

7.       Councilors are elected for a three-year term by the PPA members in Virginia.

8.       The National Association conducts the election. At the conclusion of a Councilor’s three-year term, the VPPA Board of Directors places one or more names for each eligible position in nomination. Other names may be proposed in accordance with PPA rules. Electronic ballots (unless otherwise requested) are sent directly to the qualified members of PPA. PPA then informs our Association of the results.

9.       Shall attend all PPA Council meetings held annually at national conventions. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the Councilor’s PPA Merits and VPPA Service Credits for that year. 

10.   One Councilor chosen from the group shall report to the VPPA Board of Directors and the general membership on the activities, proposals and financial status of PPA.

11.   All Councilors shall whenever possible attend seminars, district meetings and Conventions to represent PPA and to serve as a sounding board for the members.

12.   Shall encourage individual members and other photographic associations to affiliate with PPA.

13.   Shall assist if needed at PPA membership booths at meetings or Conventions.


Duties and Functions of the Board of Directors

 Section 1.  All interests of the Association shall come under the supervision of the Board of Directors to whom all business must be referred for consideration and appropriate action.

 Section 2. The Board of Directors shall have the power to transact any and all business of the Association.  Any decision of the Board of Directors, however, may be reversed by a majority vote of eligible members present and voting at the subsequent annual or special meeting.

 Section 3. The minutes of the Board of Directors shall be available to all members of the Association.  Care will be made to put all minutes of Board of Director Meetings on the official VPPA Web Site as soon as minutes have bee approved at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

 Section 4. The Board of Directors is empowered to award special honors to members or associates and to award credits and degrees.  These honors include Professional Degrees, Image Trophy Awards,  Volunteerism Awards, and Scholarships.

 Section 5. The Board shall set its own rules for time, date and location of meetings.  Currently there are six regularly scheduled Board of Director Meetings.  They are usually in the months of January, February (2), May, August, and November.  Generally every quarter,  2 meetings held at Convention in February and the August meeting is held at Summer Seminar.

 Section 6. All actions of the Board of Directors must be approved by a majority vote.  Current voting members of the Board of Directors are as follows:  President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Executive Treasurer, Executive Secretary, Image Competition Chairman, Events Coordinator, Web Administrator, Social Media Manager, Historian, and each District Governor.  There are 15 eligible board positions eligible to vote.  Any member holding more than one office shall only be allowed one vote.




 ETHICS – solution for submitting a complaint

1.       Shall consist of four members in good standing, one representing each District.

2.       Shall be appointed at the November Board of Directors meeting for two-year terms with only two district representatives scheduled for appointment in any one year.  Odd years Northern and Tidewater, Even years Blue Ridge and Capital.  The Committee will choose the Chairman.

3.       Shall review and enforce the Code of Ethics of the Association as outlined in the VPPA Policy Ethics Procedures and Guidelines.

4.       Shall hear any complaints brought to its attention either by members or non-members, against current members..

5.       The representative from the District of the member against whom the complaint is lodged may speak but not vote on the outcome.

6.       Shall make recommendation to the Board for any action(s) deemed necessary.

7.       Shall respond to anyone bringing a complaint in a timely and professional manner.

8.     The current documents approved by the Board can be downloaded below. 

                a.   VPPAEthicsIntroDueProcessComplaintForm John.pdf

                b.   VPPA Due Process Procedures.pdf

                c.    VPPAEthicsComplaintForm.pdf


1.       The objectives of this committee are to welcome new members and to encourage participation of the existing members.

2.       There shall be one overall head of this committee appointed by the Board of Directors and 4 liaison members.

3.       Each District would have a representative (liaison) who would be responsible for:

4.       Fostering an environment of inclusion for all the members

5.       Welcoming new members to the organization by contacting each one to be sure that upcoming meeting information has been received and answering any questions that arise.

6.       Greeting guests and offering applications, benefits of membership brochure and contact information for Gov. and/or District officers

7.       Following up with guests to answer any questions and assist with implementing the admission process.

8.       Checking to be sure all new members are on the distribution list for the District.

9.       Calling or sending messages to non-attending members to encourage their continued interest.

10.   Encouraging all members to attend District meetings, the Seminar and Convention, to participate in image competition critiques and competitions, to work on committees and to get involved in the organization.

11.   Make sure that each new member receives a Membership packet


1.       Shall be chaired by the President of the Association.

2.       Members will be First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Executive Treasurer, Recording Secretary.

3.       Shall establish an annual budget for general operating expenses prior to the beginning of the fiscal year by reviewing the past year’s expenses and obtaining information from each relevant committee concerning the anticipated financial needs. The budget should include a “rainy day fund” for unexpected expenses.

4.       Shall review the current financial situation and recommend any changes needed in regards to dues, assets, investments, expenses or other fiscal commitments. 

5.       Shall present the proposed budget to the Board for approval.

6.       Shall develop a working budget for each Convention.

7.       Event Coordinator may be asked to attend or to provide copies of hotel contracts and financial agreements with sponsors.


1.       Shall consist of 3 members to be selected by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Membership at the annual meeting.

2.       One member of the team shall be a member of the general Board of Directors.

3.       Two members shall be chosen from the general membership.

4.       Shall rotate (replace) one member of the team every four years.

5.       Shall perform audits as follows:

a.       An internal audit will be executed every two years.

b.       An external audit will be executed every six years at the discretion of the Board and based upon the organization’s financial status.

c.       Audits will be conducted on financial records from the prior fiscal year and must be performed within six months from acceptance and approval by the general membership of the Audit Team nominees.


          a.    The objective of this audit is to confirm that the records of the Virginia Professional Photographers' Association are being maintained in a proper manner and are accurately stated to the Board of Directors and the Membership in financial reports and to insure all required tax filings are being completed as required.

          b.    The following guidelines are suggested procedures to insure the above mission:


                                        i.       Inspect bank statements and bank reconciliations.

                                       ii.        Review bank Certificates of Deposit and compare to financial reports.

                                       iii.       Examine any stock statements and compare to reports.

                                       iv.       Verify fixed Assets as deemed necessary and practical.

                                       v.        Verify any other Assets as determined by the audit committee.


                                       i.       Review outstanding statements from suppliers.


                                      i.       Create payroll schedule and reconcile to tax filings as necessary.


                                      i.      Select two test months and verify voucher support for checks.

                                     ii.     Review proper expense account distribution.


                                       i.     Review dues statements and receipts.

                                      ii.     Review Convention receipts such as trade show, corporate sponsors and registration desk receipts.

                                      iii.     Examine investment income for accurate reporting.

          c.    After audit is completed, audit schedules and report should be presented to the Board of Directors.




1.       Dues for members are billed according to your Anniversary Date.  Any member.  To determine your date:

          a.       Any member who was currently a member on October 31, 2017 will keep January as their official Anniversary Date

          b.       Any membership accepted between October 31, 2017 and March 28, 2018 will keep January as their official Anniversary Date

          c.       Any membership accepted after March 29, 2018 will keep the date they join as their official Anniversary Date.

2.       Membership Categories .

          a.       Professional

                                Dues - $220.00 Annually

                                Dues - $24 Monthly Option

          b.       Professional PPA

                                Dues - $200.00 Annually

                                Dues - $22 Monthly Option

          c.       Non-Resident Professional

                                Dues - $220.00 Annually

          d.       Non-Resident Professional PPA

                                Dues - $220.00 Annually

          e.       Aspiring Professional/Admin/Student

                                Dues - $125.00 Annually

          f.        Retired Membership

                                Dues - $125.00 Annually

          g.       Life

                                Dues Waived

          h.       Honorary

                                Dues Waived

          i.         Support/Office Staff

            .                 Dues - $125.00 Annually

 3.       Applications submitted either online or written application, will be approved by the Executive Secretary if the membership level is Professional.  Any Aspiring membership will be sent to the board for review and if there is no objection within 72-hours, the membership will be approved.  Final approval resides with the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

4.       Only Professional and Professional PPA membership categories are eligible for monthly payments.  There is a service fee which is determined by the Board of Directors.

5.       All dues payable are non-refundable

6.       NOTE: If a hardship exists for any member, the Board of Directors, by a majority vote, has the authority to waive payment of that member’s dues. This waiver is good for one year only and must be reviewed annually.


Degrees and Credits

Exceptional ability in photography or exceptional services rendered to the Association shall be recognized by the Association through the award or bestowal of Degrees upon individual members in accordance with the terms described in the Policy Manual.

 Section 1 -       Purpose of issuing VPPA degrees:

      1. To give recognition for service to and on behalf of the Association.

            2. To give additional recognition to ribbon winners in State Image Competition.

      3. To stimulate interest in working for a tangible form of recognition earned by an accumulation of credits given for exceptional photography and for service to the Association.    

      4. To give publicity to members receiving degrees.

      5. To serve as an incentive for non-members to join the Association.

Section 2. -       Degrees

1. Service of Photography (SP)

2. Fellow of Photography (FP)

Section 3. -       Credits required for degrees

      Service of Photography 85 Credits

At least half of these credits must be for images accepted for exhibit. At least 10 credits must be earned from service to the Association. The 85 credits required to receive this degree are subsequently applied toward earning the Fellow of Photography Degree.

Fellow of Photography 170 Credits

At least half of these credits must be for images accepted for exhibit and 45 points must be from blue ribbon images. 10 additional credits for a total of 20 credits must be earned for service to the Association. 

Section 4 -       Types of Awards for Degrees

      1. Service of Photography

          1.1. A Bronze Medallion with Scarlett Neck Ribbon to be worn at all functions of the Association.

          1.2. Citation for framing and display.

       2. Fellow of Photography

          2.1. A Bronze Medallion with Antique Silver Neck Ribbon to be worn at all functions of the Association.

          2.2. Citation for framing and displaying.

     3. After earning the SP (Service of Photography) Degree and earning the FP (Fellow of Photography) Degree the Neck Ribbon will be changed to a combination Scarlett and Antique Silver.

Section 5 -       Gold Bars.    With every additional 85 credits a Gold Bar is earned. This is to be attached to the neck ribbon of the FP award. There are no minimum requirements on blue ribbons or service credits.

Section 6 -       Board of Degrees

      1. The Board of Degrees will be headed annually by the President of the Association. The Secretary of the Board of Degrees may appoint two additional members (preferably Past Presidents) to serve on this Board.

      2. The Board of Degrees shall meet once a year at the Convention after all image judging has been finalized. Records shall be checked and decisions made concerning eligibility.

     3. The Board of Degrees may award an Honorary Degree with the approval of the Board of Directors.

     4. This Board shall also have the power to recommend the renewal or denial of a Degree to any person who no longer meets the eligibility requirements of membership in the Association. 

Section 7 - Image Credits


Best in Show 5 Credits 

Best of Category 4 Credits

Court of Honor 3 Credits

Blue Ribbon 4 Credits 

Red Ribbon 3 Credits

White Ribbon 2 Credits

Note - Only a maker's top six highest scoring entries will be considered for ribbons (credits) and awards

Note - Image Credits are awarded only at the State Convention; Seminar and District Meeting Critiques are exempt.

Note - No additional credits are given for the Photographer of the Year Award, Top Ten Photographer of the Year, the Nance Justice Trophy, the CPP Award, the Virginia CPP Award, The ASP Award, Randy Searle District Winner, the National Award or the Virginia Award.

Section 8       Service Credits Issued only when designated position is satisfactorily fulfilled according to stipulations & specifications mandated by the job description.



2       Chairman of the Board                                                                                               

5       President                                                                                                                  

5       First Vice-President (Convention chair)                                                                      

3       Second Vice-President (Registration chair)                                                                   

3       Recording Secretary­­                                                                                                   

5       Executive Secretary                                                                                                   

5       Executive Treasurer                                                                                                   

4       Event Coordinator                                                                                                      

4       Image Competition Chairmen                                                                                     

4       Web Administrator                                                                                                     

4       Historian                                                                                                                   

1       Board Members Attending Meetings (Exec/BOD)                                                          



2       Assistant to Executive Secretary                                                                                 

2       Assistant to Executive Treasurer                                                                                 

2       Assistant Web Administrator                                                                                       

1       PPA Councilors                                                                                                                                                               



3       District Governor                                                                                                       

2       District Lt. Governor                                                                                                   

2       District Treasurer                                                                                                      

2       District DataBase                                                                                                       

2       Statewide Seminar Chairman (Governor)                                                                      

1       Assistant Social Media Managers (District Level)                                                          

1/2     Attending a District Meeting                                                                                    

1/2     Hosting a District Meeting                                                                                        



1       Ethics Committee                                                                                                       

1       Audit Team                                                                                                               

1       Finance Committee                                                                                                    

3       Director of Membership                                                                                              

1       Membership Committee Member                                                                                

3       Director of Marketing                                                                                                 

1       Marketing Committee Member                                                                                    

4       Social Media Manager                                                                                                 

2       Standing Committee Chair/Laison (if a BOD Member)                                                  



2       Trophy Chairman                                                                                                           

2       Jury Chairman                                                                                                            

3       Sponsorship/Door Prize Chairman                                                                                

2       Speaker Chairman                                                                                                      

2       Props & Models Chairman                                                                                           

2       Transportation Chairman                                                                                            

2       Sgt.-at-Arms Chairman                                                                                               

2       Photography Chairman                                                                                               

2       Audio-Visual Chairmen                                                                                                

2       Entertainment Chairman                                                                                            

2       Hospitality Chair                                                                                                         

1       Convention Committee Member (any committee above)                                               



3       Sponsorship/Door Prize Chairman                                                                                

2       Props & Models Chairman                                                                                           

2       Transportation Chairman                                                                                            

2       Sgt.-at-Arms Chairman                                                                                               

2       Photography Chairman                                                                                               

2       Audio-Visual Chairmen                                                                                                

2       Hospitality Chair                                                                                                         

1       Seminar Committee Member (any committee above)                                                    

2       Convention Committee Chairman                                                                                

1       Convention Committee Member                                                                                  

1       Seminar Committee Member                                                                                      

2       Standing Committee Chair                                                                                          

1       Standing Committee Member                                                                                     




4       Education Chairman                                                                                                    

1       Attending 1 Day VPPA Event                                                                                       

2       Attending 2 Day VPP Event                                                                                      

3       Attending 3 Day VPPA Event                                                                                       

2       Give a ProShare Program        (2 Credits per Program)                                                

1       Volunteer as Mentor for Mentorship Program   (1 Credit per Member)                             

2       Editor Statewide online quarterly magazine                                                                 

1       Article for VPPA Website, Newsletter or Magazine                                                         



2       Talk, Demonstration or Judge in state                                                                          



1       Volunteer Lecturer/Photographer for a Local Organization  (6 max)                              

1       Volunteer for Charity (NILMDTS, Operation Smile, Mission Trips) (6 Max)                     


         A.    Only officers and District Governors who attend at least 4 of the VPPA Board of Directors meetings and satisfactorily perform the duties of their office are eligible for service credits as officers.

         B.    District officers must serve for at least 7 months, attend three-fourths of their district meetings and adequately perform the duties of their offices to be eligible for credits.

          C.    The Convention Chairman may issue up to 10 credits for Convention work not covered elsewhere for any member who exceeds the chair’s expectations, BUT not more than two credits to any individual.

         D.    Each Seminar Chairman must fulfill the stated duties of the position satisfactorily to receive 2 Service Credits. 

         E.    Each Seminar Chairman may issue 2 credits to recognize member(s) who gave special help in the organization or operation of the event.

        F.     Request for credits and proof of service must be registered with the Executive Secretary before the end of the calendar year (December 31).

        G.    Service Credits cannot be earned for any Association Activity which receives compensation.  However, any individual who is exempt from earning Service Credits for compensated activities will be eligible for any and all of the additional member-related activities that are eligible for Service Credits.

        H.    Service Credits can only be earned by VPPA members.  If there should come a time that a PPA Councilor should be elected who is not a VPPA member, he/she would not be eligible for Virginia Credits or Degrees.

         I.      Service Credits are not automatic.  Criteria and standards must be approved and met.  It is the responsibility of the member to monitor their credit profile and to apply for some credits; and some credits will be reported by the District Governor, Event Coordinator or Committee Chairman.   Please review the VPPA Policy Manual or website ( for specific requirements

        J.   The PPA Councilors must attend the national meeting to receive credits.

        K.   Each District Governor may award 2 Service Credits per year to member(s) for extraordinary service to them throughout the year.


Voting Privileges

Only Professional, Professional PPA, Non-Resident Professional, Non-Resident Professional PPA, Retired and Life Members of the Association shall have the privilege of voting.  However all other members shall have the right to discuss and to make recommendations.


Conduct of Meetings

Board of Directors Meetings

1. The Annual Transitional meeting shall be held in November. After the reports and all Old Business have been dispatched, the duly elected officers and other members of the Board assume the duties of their new positions. The incoming Recording Secretary shares the responsibility for the minutes for the whole meeting but does not have a vote until the new officers are in place.

2. A meeting shall be held in January during which time final arrangements for the Convention are made and plans for the Fall Seminar are discussed.

3. Abbreviated meetings shall be held during the Convention. Usually there are two: one soon after the image entry deadline and one on the last morning of the event. These meetings should address only problems with any image entries, any business pertinent to the Convention or anything tabled from a former meeting, and discussion of new applications for membership received immediately prior to or during the Convention. The exception is any business (such as the Seminar) that must be decided immediately without delaying until the next scheduled meeting. At the second meeting the vote is taken on members with delinquent dues.

4. Two additional meetings (Spring and Summer) will be held at times and locations determined by the Board.

5. The dates and locations of the meetings should be designated far enough in advance for the officers to put on their schedules easily. If possible, the dates and sites for all meetings of the upcoming year should be established at the November Board meeting. Dates should be selected so that the intervals between meetings are as evenly spaced as reasonable.

6. Three weeks prior to the meeting, the President should contact the Board requesting any agenda items. At least 10-14 days before the meeting, the President shall mail or e-mail an agenda to each Board member. The agenda should be as complete as possible.

7. All proxy votes must be presented in writing and registered with the Chairman of the Board prior to the call to order. 

8. If it is necessary to postpone a meeting because of inclement weather or other conditions, the President has the responsibility to notify all Board members of the cancellation and of the new arrangements.

9. Any changes being proposed to the Constitution or By-laws should be given to the Board at least ten days prior to the meeting.

10.It is strongly suggested that any report to the Board requiring research or analysis before an informed vote can be made should be submitted in writing and included with the agenda.

11. Any member of the executive board may request an Executive session before, during or after any board meeting for a point of order, personnel, ethics problems or other matters. Executive session is defined as only the executive officers with everyone else being asked to clear the room unless directly involved in the problem. Matters debated and decided in executive session are binding on the board as a whole.

12. The Board may request an e-mail vote on any matter, especially those requiring action before the next scheduled meeting. The Chairman of the Board or the Executive Secretary shall tally the votes and report the outcome to the Board.

13. Any VPPA member is welcome to attend meetings of the Board. If a non-Board member has been asked to make a report to the Board, that person may present the information, make statements and take questions until the matter is put to a vote or tabled for future action. If a non-Board member has a topic to bring to the Board, it should be put on the agenda for discussion. The member may then participate in the discussion until the matter is put to a vote or tabled. Any member wishing to speak on any other topics under discussion by the Board has a 5 minute (total) time limit on any opinions offered. The Chairman of the Board enforces this limit. 

Annual and Special Meetings

1. The Annual business meeting open to all members shall be held at the Convention. Reports are made concerning the state of the Association, and any business requiring a vote of the membership is presented. This is also the time for the nomination and election of officers for the following year.

2. Any member when recognized may speak or ask questions but only Professional, Non Resident Professional, Retired and Life members are eligible to vote. The Chairman of the Board should clearly state this policy before a vote is taken.

3. Changes to the Constitution, By-laws or any other major considerations must be publicized to the entire membership at least 30 days in advance of an Annual or Special meeting. This allows for consideration, discussion, questions and debate.

4. If necessary, the Constitution and By-laws may be amended by a mail ballot. Thirty days shall be allowed between mailing of ballots to eligible members and their return. Amendments require affirmative votes by a majority of those voting.

5. Special Meetings may be called by the President. If five members of the Association make the request in writing to the Board of Directors, an extraordinary session will be held within thirty days from the date the request is received.  All members must be notified in writing and the notice must contain the business to be discussed. No other business may be introduced at a Special Meeting unless approved by the Board. At such meetings the decision of the Board on additional business to be presented is incontestable, and their decision of the business to be transacted at such Special Meetings is not subject to an over-riding vote by the Association. 

District Meetings

1. Districts are encouraged to hold meetings at different locations within the District boundaries taking convenience to the members into consideration.

2. Regular meetings should be scheduled well in advance and notices sent to each District member. Notices should also be sent to every Board member. Upcoming meetings should also be publicized on the website and in other District newsletters whenever possible.

3. Members may attend meetings in any District. If the program scheduled involves potluck or making a monetary donation to the social fund, members from outside the district should contribute in kind.

4. Each District must have at least six (6) regularly scheduled meetings each year, one of which shall be an Annual meeting at which time District officers are elected. This must be held at least six weeks before the end of the state’s fiscal year.

5. District Governors must submit written copies of progress and plans in his/her District at each Board of Directors meeting by the method approved by the Board of Directors. On the approved form the District Treasurer must supply an accurate and complete written copy of the District’s financial statement to the Governor prior to each Board meeting for inclusion in the official report.




1.       There shall be an annual Convention held during the winter quarter.

2.       The site chosen should be convenient to most of the members or as deemed financial acceptable to the Board.

3.       Selection of hotel is of primary importance.  Space requirements especially for the Trade Show and AV are veryimportant relative to the number of attendees. Ease of access for attendees, speakers and vendors is also a fundamental prerequisite. 

4.       The Event Coordinator conducts the financial negotiations with hotels. Coordinator may collaborate in arrangements with speakers, patrons, major sponsors, equipment rental, etc. if requested.

5.       The Board may elect upon recommendation of the Event Coordinator to establish a multi-year contract with one hotel, taking into consideration such factors as location, costs and reputation for dependability. Financial benefits to the Association should be paramount in signing this type of contract.



1.  Many hotels will furnish a complimentary suite if attendees reserve a required number of rooms. This may include sleeping rooms and/or the “Hospitality” room. The Event Coordinator should request this incentive at the time of negotiations. Any gratis sleeping rooms should be used for the AV Committee and the Hospitality Chairperson.


1.  The Convention chairman is charged to balance income and expenses to come as close to break even as possible.  Convention costs include but are not limited to:

                a.  Speaking fees after any sponsorship funds are deducted

                b.  Lowest available round trip coach airfare from hometown to Convention site solely for the speaker.*

                c.  Cost of the hotel room for stated number of nights (not to exceed four) for each speaker.   This may be amended if the speaker comes in to judge and speak. 

                d.  Brunch and/or Banquet ticket(s) for speaker and spouse if they are in attendance at that time.

2.   The Association does not pay extra if the speaker is also a judge unless the judging extends to more than one day.  At that point the judge would be compensated with a $250 day rate and one additional hotel room night.

*NOTE: Should a speaker desire to travel by car the Association would pay travel expenses of $.50/mile not to exceed the price of a single round-trip coach airline ticket for the speaker only. The Association will not pay any additional charges incurred by the speaker’s family or assistants.

**NOTE: Should a speaker request a FLAT FEE or any special arrangements, careful consideration must be given to see that it does not exceed the limitations that have been approved by the Board of Directors.


The Association will pay a fee for judging of $250.00 per day with a maximum of $750. Convention registration and a banquet ticket is complimentary. The Association will cover travel costs up to $350.00.  The Association will cover hotel costs.   There will always be consideration made to invite judges who also give a program.



            Unless otherwise noted, the Convention Chairman appoints all Convention committees.


            *NOTE: The chairman of this committee should be the member who can act as “second in command” to the Convention Chairman.  - this is essentially the Event


1.       Shall have authority to make decisions concerning the functioning of the Convention in the absence of the Convention Chairman and shall be identified as such to the hotel coordinator and VPPA committee chairmen.

2.       Shall coordinate the activities of the committee.

3.       Shall, prior to the Convention, appoint someone to create “welcome” bags or baskets for each speaker and judge and to see that the bags are delivered to the appropriate rooms.


1.       Each member of the committee will act as host/hostess to an assigned speaker or judge.

2.       Shall contact the speaker/judge prior to Convention to introduce self and make arrangements for meeting.

3.       Shall meet speaker/judge on arrival, providing transportation from airport to hotel if necessary.

4.       Shall make sure that speaker/judge has registration packet with Convention schedule, appropriate tickets and badges and that “welcome bag” is in the room.

5.       Shall confirm that speaker/judge understands what meals (if any) are provided.

6.       Shall introduce speaker/judge to other VPPA members, the President and the Image Salon Chairman.

7.       Shall attend the program and assist the Props and Models committee in setting up and removing equipment used in program. May be asked to introduce the speaker.

8.       Shall set out program critique questionnaires on attendees’ chairs prior to beginning of program and collect them afterwards. Questionnaires are then turned over to the Convention chairman. 

9.       Shall suggest eating arrangements or recommend restaurants, if asked. No involuntary expenses should be incurred by host/hostess for food, drink or other sundries obtained by or for the speaker/judge.

10.   Shall invite speaker/judge to attend all social functions including informal gatherings in Hospitality Suite.

11.   Shall make every attempt to insure speaker/judge has a pleasant experience.

12.  Shall make arrangements for speaker/judge to return to airport prior to scheduled flight.  


1.       The Sponsorship Chairman along with the Convention Chairman, will appoint a Trade Show Vendor Liaison. This position is filled by a person who will assist in the exchange of information between the Association and the vendors.

2.       Shall, with Board approval, establish the price to charge for Trade Show booths and

3.       Sponsorships. Consideration should be given to any VPPA Corporate members and may also be given for other reasons, such as advance commitment.  The current structure:

                                a.   Diamond - $1,000

                                b.   Platinum - $750

                                c.   Gold - $500

                                d.   Silver - $350

                                e.   Bronze - $175

     4.       Shall, with the Finance Committee, set a reasonable goal to increase the total number of sponsorships sold in order to produce more income for the Association.

    5.        Shall request from each district a list of local businesses that offer related services.

    6.        Shall contact prospective vendors (*NOTE: See previous Trade Show Chairman for addresses and samples of contracts, etc.).

    7.        Mail an informational letter with dates and location in the spring.

    8.        In the summer before the Convention, mail out contracts. Include in this packet, if available:

                                a. Letter of Solicitation                                                   b. Contract

                                c. Trade Show information sheet                               d. Floor Plan for Booths

    9.        In the fall, mail follow up letter to exhibitors who have not responded.

  10.        Confirm in writing receipt of signed contracts and deposits as they are received.

  11.        Shall collect all fees in advance and promptly turn them over to the Executive Secretary.  Most    currently invoiced and paid online.

  12.        Shall notify the Convention Chairman and the webmaster of all companies exhibiting. Shall give names of individual representatives who will be attending to the Registration Chairman.

  13.        Shall, if not previously implemented, request door prizes from each vendor and from other  businesses that are not participating in the show.

  14.        Shall announce donor of each door prize as it is given. Gift may be awarded at donor’s booth if    desired.

  15.        Shall, if names are called of persons working elsewhere for the Convention (Image Comp or          Awards Presentation Committee, Registration Desk, Officers) who cannot be present, set aside   the door prize for that individual.

  16.        Shall through the Exec. Secretary, provide a copy of the VPPA mailing list to any vendors who       request it.


1.       Shall, with the Convention Chairman, determine the hours that the Trade Show will be open to the members, making sure that at least some of this time is unopposed by any other programs or events.

2.       Shall secure a floor diagram of the exhibit hall from the hotel, Event Coordinator or the Convention Chairman.

3.       Shall consult with the Event Coordinator or Convention Chairman to make sure there is adequate storage facilities for equipment, auction items, etc.

4.       Shall confirm with the hotel and the Convention Chairman the time that the exhibitors can have access to the exhibition space.

5.       Shall determine the availability of tables, chairs, tablecloths, trashcans and electricity from the hotel and any charges associated with the use of these items.

6.       Shall check with the hotel regarding pre-Convention shipments from the vendors including limits on storage space and accessibility to Trade Show area.

7.       Shall arrange for reasonable security from set-up to take-down.

8.       Security must insure that NO unauthorized people are allowed into the hall during set up, break down or during Trade Show hours.

9.       Shall be present, or designate someone to be present during booth placement.

10.   Shall recruit volunteer members to assist vendors with unloading, setting up and making booths ready.

11.   Shall be available during exhibition preparation. Shall welcome each company, answer questions, remind them of special events (e.g. Vendor Luncheon, Trade Show Night) and offer assistance.

12.   Shall insure that there are Convention packets with appropriate badges ready for each exhibitor.

13.   Shall assist in maintaining security during the Trade Show hours—especially monitoring attendance.

14.   Shall be or shall appoint a committee member to be in charge of any vendor meal function planned. The cost for this must be included in the Convention budget, and the arrangements are made with the assistance of the Convention Chairman 

15.   Shall at the meal function and again at each booth, thank each exhibitor individually for the support.

16.   Shall introduce the Vendor Liaison. Tell the exhibitors that any suggestions for improvements may be given either to the Event Coordinator, Convention Chairman or the Trade Show Liaison.


1.       Shall receive from the Convention Chairman a list of ALL equipment requested by each speaker. This includes lights, reflectors, posing tables, backgrounds, chairs, podium, etc.

2.       Shall contact exhibitors and/or suppliers to inquire about using their equipment. If loaned, it is important to give credit to the supplier.

3.       Shall borrow any other equipment from members who are willing to lend their personal items. A letter of appreciation to anyone lending equipment should be written after the Convention.

4.       Shall if possible, test all equipment (other than A-V) to see that everything is working properly.

5.       Shall oversee the careful handling and storage of all equipment.

6.       Shall if requested by the speaker, procure models and within reason arrange for clothing preferences.

7.       Shall have at least one committee member on hand before, during and after the program to assist the speaker.

8.       Shall have all lighting equipment, background(s), furniture and props available for set up prior to the program.

9.       Shall with help from the liaison assigned to the speaker, work to set up the platform and to display any images made by the speaker before the time scheduled for the program.

10.   Shall greet models as they arrive, check the clothing options, escort them to a changing area and make sure they are dressed and ready when speaker needs them.

11.   Shall insure the safe return of each piece of equipment to its proper owner after the program or at the end of the Convention.

12.   Shall send written thank you letter to models, preferably including photographs taken during the program.


1.            Shall stand at the door to check and verify the badges of all persons entering any programs and the Trade Show

2.            Shall after the program begins, maintain a position near the door to verify badges of all late-        comers.

3.            Shall encourage quiet in the room and in the nearby hallway as a courtesy to the speakers.


1.       Shall if asked, aid Convention Chairman in selecting a theme for and publicizing the All Convention party.

2.       Shall solicit sponsorship money and door prizes from vendors.

3.       Shall plan decorations and be sure that they are in place BEFORE the scheduled beginning of the event.

4.       Shall help the Convention Chair arrange for band, disk jockey or other entertainment if it fits into the budget. Shall promote games, contests etc.

5.       Shall act as or select an MC for the evening.

6.       Shall work with the Convention Chairman to arrange for all payments to entertainers, if any, with the Executive Treasurer.

7.       Shall submit any other bills for appropriate expenses to the Executive Treasurer no later than two weeks after the end of the Convention.


1.       Shall have raffle tickets (if needed) made up for the scholarship fund-raiser no later than the November Board meeting prior to the Convention. Prizes from the sale of raffle tickets are usually given at the All Convention Party.

2.       Shall distribute tickets to the District Governors or committee members at the Nov. Board Meeting.     

3.       Raffle tickets can be purchased online.

4.       Shall work with the Convention Chairman to solicit door prizes.

5.       Shall strive to build enthusiasm and to insure a good response.


1.       Shall be in charge of arrangements for the Hospitality Room, including all food, beverages, plates, cups, napkins, utensils and other accessories necessary for this function.

2.       hall post on the schedule and frequently announce the room number and the hours it is open for use.

3.       Shall make a particular effort to include speakers, judges and sponsors.

4.       Shall greet members and guests as they arrive and attempt to see that everyone is enjoying the company.

5.       Shall replenish snacks, drinks and paper goods as needed.

6.       Shall be responsible for maintaining a decent noise level in respect for other hotel guests.

7.       Shall clean up any trash and put away the residue after the room closes.  


1.       Shall with the Convention Chairman arrange a time for all members attending their first VPPA Convention to meet together for an orientation program. (This can be held in the Hospitality Suite or an available meeting room.)

2.       Shall have invitations to enclose in all new members Convention packets and at the Registration Desk. List of members joining since the last Convention is available from the Exec. Treasurer.

3.       At the first Convention Board meeting, shall ask members of the Exec. Board, Image Salon, Education Committee and District Governors to attend (stating time and location) in order to be introduced and to participate in the program.

 * NOTE: Suggestions for Orientation

1.            Publicize the time and location of the meeting. Be sure that no program conflicts and that the      room used is in a low traffic area.

2.            All new members should have a ribbon attached to their name badges identifying them as a         New Member. This should be a different color from any other ribbons so they can be easily         recognized.

3.            The chairman of Orientation should be well informed in all areas of the organization, including    the Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics. This is usually the Executive Secretary.

4.            All new members should be asked to introduce themselves and name their hometown.

5.            The chairman introduces the Executive Board and these officers are encouraged to tell about       some aspect of the organization and what it has meant to them. (Topics should be assigned so that there is no overlap.) They are asked to keep it short, not repeat what has been said.

6.            Chairman should designate one officer to discuss the Code of Conduct and the Ethics  committee. Another officer should stress the mission statement and the objectives of the Association.

7.            1st Vice-President describes the upcoming Convention activities and encourages participation. 

8.            Officers should encourage participation in Districts and in all state sponsored functions.

9.            Discussion should also emphasize benefits of belonging—continuing education, scholarships, website, professional relationships, camaraderie, image competition, etc.

10.          Describe the Virginia degree program and the medals worn by recipients.

11.          Ask whether new members have met their Dist. Govs. If not, make a point of introducing them.

12.          Encourage questions and allow plenty of time for discussion.  Explain resources available to have                 answers for future questions.



*NOTE:   There should be at least one other member on this committee in addition to the chairman.

1.            The chairman assigns coverage of ALL Convention events.

2.            Shall record each event.

3.            Shall create candid images of people attending the Convention.

4.            Shall if requested, supply the Convention Chairman with images of speakers and models to be     included with the appropriate thank you letters.

5.            Shall record all image competition award winners and all other members receiving special             awards.

6.            Shall identify subjects appearing in photographs.

7.            Shall file negatives or digital images for future use.

8.            Shall provide a complete set of Convention images to Web and Social Media Manager.

9.            Shall submit a bill for any expenses to the Executive Treasurer within two weeks after the              Convention.


1.       Shall in the time immediately preceding the President’s Reception and Banquet capture an image of all Convention attendees at a site selected in conjunction with the Convention Chairman and announced to the members in advance.

2.       Shall photograph the current Board of Directors and any other small groups, such as the Past Presidents as requested by the President or Convention Chairman.

3.       Shall supply lights, camera, computer or other equipment, and make arrangements for chairs or risers as needed.

4.       Shall send all requested images to the Web and Social Media Manager


1.    The social time after the group photograph and before the banquet is the President’s Reception. Shall plan and execute table decorations according to the budget established by the Convention Chairman.

2.    Shall have place-cards made for officers and VIPs at the head table(s).

3.    Shall review with the President a diagram of the seating arrangements for officer and guests.

4.    Shall coordinate seating arrangements with the President and Convention Chairman and check with the hotel for compliance.


1.       Shall in conjunction with the Image Salon Chairman, Assistant Salon Chairman and Convention chairman, select the theme and create the presentation of image competition winners to be shown at the Banquet.

2.       Shall compile images of all images winning blue ribbons, Courts of Honor and other awards.

3.       Shall coordinate the performance of the awards

4.       Shall supply the Web and Social Media Manager with images of all award winning images.

5.       Shall deliver to the webmaster all award winning images via Dropbox or similar designated means.




1.   There shall be one seminar each year

2.   The Seminar will be held in the time frame between mid-August and the end of September.

3.   Dates must be set by and approved at the January Board meeting. Potential speaker(s) should also be proposed then. The Board must sanction the arrangements prior to making official commitments.

4.   The Event Coordinator & Education Coordinator with all four District Governors will participate in the planning and execution of the Seminar as outlined below.

5.   The Event Coordinator & Education Coordinator will determine the site location, dates and schedule for the seminar shall negotiate with the hotel for meeting space, room rates, hospitality suite, complimentary rooms and any meal functions.

6.   All Seminar sposnsorship, trade show booths or table tops, door prize distribution, silent auctions, etc. will be solicited by they Sponsorship/Trade Show Chairman or a committee member selected by them or the President.

7.   Each of the District Governors will undertake one set of the following responsibilities:

           Props and Models



          Publicity and Marketing

8.   The Governors will indicate to the Board which duty each is undertaking. If the Governors cannot decide among themselves which duties they wish to undertake, the President will assign the chairmanships as he/she sees fit.

9.   Announcements should be made at the Convention and promotional material should be available for distribution (if possible have handouts at the registration desk giving details).

10.   The Board must also approve the seminar registration forms and any fees prior to publication.

11.   The Association shall underwrite no more than $3000.00 for the seminar. This sum includes complimentary sleeping rooms for the A-V and Image Competition Critique chairmen, any expenses occurred by the promotion chairman, the hospitality room or other seminar related expenditures as well as all speaker costs not covered by sponsors.

12.   The Sponsorship Chairman and Education Chairman will negotiate and secure speaker’s sponsorships and seminar sponsorships, door prize solicitations and request as well as any trade show spaces if space is available




A.      The overall chairman is the Event & Education Coordinator

B.      All Governors will undertake the duties outlined below, and shall act as Assistant Seminar Chairmen, helping the Event & Education Chairman in any way possible.

C.      If the Governors cannot decide among themselves which tasks each will undertake, the VPPA President will assign duties as he/she sees fit.

D.      The Governors shall also promote the seminar at all district events held prior to the date and by an article which shall be submitted to the web and social media manager for posting. This will give members advance information and promote increased participation.

E.      Seminar Sponsorships and Door Prizes:

F.      This should be managed by the Sponsorship/Trade Show Chairman or a committee member appointed by the Chairman or President

G.      Attempts to find sponsorship for coffee or cookie breaks and makes the arrangements for these.

H.      This chairman will also solicit door prizes from vendors in the area as well as regionally or nationally. The vendors do not have to be related to the photographic industry. It is recommended that smaller door prizes be drawn at the beginning of programs to promote promptness.

I.      If there is a larger door prize, it is a good idea to have it drawn last. It is not inappropriate to ask the speaker(s) for a donation especially if they have products to sell.  Or if there are several large items set up a silent auction table to create excitement and bids to raise more money.




A.      Find out all of the speakers Props and Models needs and procures any equipment or models requested by the program talent. This committee assists the speaker(s) in setting up and breaking down before and after each program.

B.      Coordinate with the AV Committee to make sure that the speaker(s) has what they need for their presention (screen, projector, sound, etc.)

C.     See if the speaker(s) need additional table space for displays, products, etc.

 D.     This chairman supervises and assists any speakers or sponsors who wish to set up display tables in the designated area.

E.    Writes thank you letters to speakers (include photographs if available), models, sponsors, donors, committee chairmen and anyone who helped at the Seminar.


Seminar Duties for Publicity Chairman

A.     This chairman is responsible for the seminar registration using the standard form provided by the Executive Secretary and filling in the appropriate site and contact information.  

B.      The registration chairman should take note of the following:

                  1. Seminar registration fees are included with the dues.

                  2. All other fees must be approved by the Board of Directors.

                 3. A substantial fee should be charged for non-members from Virginia. This can be applied towards membership dues, if the non-member elects to join the Association during the event or up to one month afterwards.

                4. PPA members are usually charged less than VA non-members.

                5. A smaller fee is charged for a member’s spouse or family member NOT active in the photographic business.

C.      Once approved, the Registration chairman should make the forms available to the web manager to post on the website. Be sure that the street address and zip code of the facility are included so that members may find driving directions. Even if there have been previous meetings at the site, it is important to include this information.

D.      Begins to publicize seminar as soon as location, dates and speaker information is available. It should be announced at the Convention, posted to the website and mentioned at every District meeting.

E.      Posters and/or flyers should be distributed to camera stores, colleges and other sites for potential attendees.

F.      Website articles and e-mail blasts are important to build interest. 

G.      Keeps a list of those responding and makes the appropriate badges

H.      Maintains an accurate record of all income and expenses related to the seminar.

I.      Designates someone to have signs made and prominently displayed to acknowledge any sponsors

Seminar Duties for Registration Chairman

A.      Is in charge of the registration desk. This involves making arrangements with the hotel or seminar site for the physical set up of tables, chairs, trashcan etc.

B.     Manages the desk by being present or having at least one District officer and all pertinent materials available before and during all programs and events. Be sure that anyone working the desk knows where to find the supplies and the procedure for reporting any transactions.

C.    Provides additional blank forms and badges available at the desk for those who do not pre-register.  

Has on the registration desk membership applications, the seminar schedules, the Hospitality Committee’s list of nearby restaurants and local attractions, any documents promoting other upcoming VPPA events and any other pertinent material.

E.     Turns over to any applications for membership that are received at the desk to the VPPA Treasurer.

F.      Transfers any money including VPPA dues and fees collected with the appropriate documentation to the Executive Treasurer.

G.      Chair may request reimbursement from the Executive Treasurer for any expenses upon presentation of receipts.

H.     Submits the recommended seminar fiscal form with a complete and accurate seminar financial report to the Board of Directors. This is separate from any regular district report.


Seminar Duties for Hospitality

A.      The chairman of this committee should make arrangements for speakers to be met at the airport or to see that they have accurate directions for finding the seminar location.

B.      This chairman should make every effort to see that the speakers enjoy their visit, however the chair is not expected to pay for meals or incidentals for the visitors.

C.      It is customary to have gift or welcome bags/baskets for each speaker. These can be delivered to the room or given in person upon arrival.

D.      This chairman should make it a priority to greet new members, vendors and visitors, introducing them to other members and generally make all participants feel welcome.

E.      This chair compiles a list of nearby restaurants and other attractions in the area, and this should be available at the registration desk.

F.      Plans and executes any parties, decorations or a meal function, if included.  The food and budget will be determined and contracted by the Event & Education Coordinator

G.      Responsibility for the Hospitality Room falls under this division.  Find a Hospitality Chairman.

H.      The hospitality chairman solicits party goods, food, drinks and paper products from sponsors and district members.

I.       The chairman is also responsible for setting up the hospitality room for the best access, encouraging everyone to attend and mingle, replenishing as needed, and for cleaning up afterwards. 

J.      Members, speakers and guests are encouraged to visit the Hospitality Room whenever it is open during the seminar. 

K.      This chairman will also solicit door prizes from vendors in the area as well as regionally or nationally. The vendors do not have to be related to the photographic industry. It is recommended that smaller door prizes be drawn at the beginning of programs to promote promptness.

L.     If there is a larger door prize, it is a good idea to have it drawn last. It is not inappropriate to ask the speaker(s) for a donation especially if they have products to sell.

M.      If an information bag is offered, this chairman contacts potential advertisers for promotional material, purchases sufficient plastic or cloth bags and collects the agreed fee for the service. The chairman may appoint members to fill the bags. The fee set should pay for any expenses involved and optimally provide a slight profit.


Seminar Audio-Visual

A.        These chairmen are responsible for securing and providing any of the speakers’ requested items, if possible.

B.       These chairmen should have these items available at least one hour before the scheduled beginning of the program.

C.     The Props/Models Chairman is responsible for SETTING UP the furnished items before the program, HANDLING the items during the program, REMOVING the items at the end of the program and RETURNING the items to the proper owners at the end of the seminar.

D.      Models should be contacted and scheduled as early as possible. It is up to the Props/Models Chairman to describe any clothing requests made by the speakers, to greet the models, to check the outfits upon their arrival and to escort the models to the site where they may change.

E.       The A-V chairman must be available to help the speaker set up and coordinate this part of the program. A-V should see that the speaker has a microphone and whatever other equipment is required.

* Note: If the A-V chairman is not from the host district, it is customary to pay round trip mileage and give a complimentary hotel room for the duration.


A.  Appointed by the host chairman this person stands at the door to check and verify the badges of all persons entering any programs.

B.  After the program begins, the Sgt. at Arms maintains a position near the door to verify badges of all late-comers.

C.  Encourages quiet in the room and in the nearby hallway as a courtesy to the speakers


Seminar Image Competition Critique

A.      The Image Salon Chairman or Assistant is in charge of all arrangements for this function. That includes procuring “judges”, arranging for the display of images, entry forms and committee members if needed.

B.      The Image Critique should be scheduled at a time convenient for the Image Salon chairman (or person appointed to run the review) and for most attendees.

C.       Each member may submit images digitally by the image competition deadline to the Print Salon Chairman or Assistant via the directions that need to be shared 90 days out.

D.       The Print Salon Chairman will collect the fees via the online process or have the registration desk collect them if necessary.  They will be collected, calculated and turned over to the Executive Treasurer.

E.        The Salon Chairman encourages the “judges” to make appropriate and constructive remarks about anything that would improve the images presented.

F.         Images will be scored and calculated.  A first, second and third place will be awarded to all members that entered 6 prints.  If they entered more than 6 prints then only their top 6 prints will be used to calculate top scores.

G.  Each “judge” offering a critique should comment on a single image in turn. Others may be offered the opportunity to comment but without repeating what has been said. The Chairman keeps the discussion moving forward and to the point.

H. So the audience can see the image being discussed a monitor or a projector should be used to display digital images.

I.       In general only non-merited images will be discussed unless time allows for other/further discussion.




All VPPA scholarships must be used at PPA accredited courses or approved by the Board of Directors.

Only Professional, Professional PPA, Non-Resident Professional, Non-Resident PPA and Life Members of VPPA are eligible.

The Executive Treasurer is responsible for paying the stated amount directly to the school for the course or upon receiving proof of payment to the recipient.

In all cases the recipient has EIGHTEEN MONTHS from the date of the announcement to use the award, but must inform the scholarship committee of the intended course within 6 months.


THREE Memorial Scholarships are given each year.  The fund was begun in 1988 with funds generated from contributions in memory of W.E.A. “Billy” Moore, a past President of the VPPA and one for Polly Frye who was a member of the Association for over 60-Years. It was quickly broadened to include other VPPA members.   Each year application forms are distributed to members who have been members 3 or more years. The completed applications are then submitted to a special committee for consideration and selection. The Executive Treasurer is the chairman and chooses two members in good standing (usually Past Presidents) to serve on the committee. The winner is announced at the banquet of the Convention.  The second scholarship is drawn at the Annual Awards Banquet from a pool of all members who have three or less years tenure and have registered and attended the annual convention.  The last scholarship honors Miss Polly Frye and is drawn from a pool of all members who contributed to the Polly Frye Fund and the winner is drawn on the last day of Convention.  Currently $1,000 has been approved as the annual award for each scholarship.

      Carter, Gary “King”

      Christiana, Anthony

      McDearmid, Archie

      Douglass, Cynthia

      Good, Robert

      Good, Rodney

      Freyss, David

      Frye, Polly

      Hobbs, Bruce

      Kearney, Tracy

      Leahy, Raymond

      Miller, Lowell

      Moore, W.E.A. “Billy”

      O’Neal, Carlton

      Reeves, Slick

      Schultz, Joseph

      Searle, Randy

      Southard, Ray

      Taylor, James

Although the scholarship has been named to commemorate past VPPA members and most donations are given at the time of death, contributions may also be made in honor of living members.

The following amounts have been approved for the Association's automatic contributions to the scholarship fund:

                                $ 100.00 for any Past President or former VPPA Board member

                                $   50.00 for VPPA member

                                $   25.00 for family of member.

*Other situations are considered on an individual basis.


Founded and funded by friends of Bruce, especially those who benefited from his guidance and counsel, this grant honors a Past President of the VPPA. Since he was encouraged by mentors when he was starting out in photography, Bruce’s philosophy was always to help others in their pursuit of their career. The scholarship pays homage to this ideal and the recipient is encouraged to give back by assisting others. Various fund raising efforts and contributions are the source of funding. The name of the winner and one alternate are drawn at the end of Convention and the grant is currently $500.  Anyone selected for this scholarship is exempt from future drawings. NOTE:  If the scholarship is used for VPPA dues, the award is equal to 2-years dues. 



A.    The National Award, started in 1958 by the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. is the most prestigious honor given by the Virginia Association. It recognizes outstanding services to professional photography and to the affiliate awarding the tribute.

B.    The award may be given to a member or non-member, to someone in or out of the field of photography. No individual may receive more than one National Award from the same Affiliated Association during their lifetime.   While the award is available on a yearly basis, it should not be given unless a suitable candidate is nominated.

C.   A bronze and walnut plaque is made available to the affiliated organizations. A committee, consisting of the past three members who have been so honored in Virginia with the most recent serving as Chairman, makes the selection. If one of the past three is unable to serve on the committee, the next most recent recipient is asked to repeat. These three conditions must be met:

          1.  The Association’s annual affiliation dues must be current.

          2.  The Association must have the name of the recipient engraved in the space provided.

          3.  The date of the presentation must be engraved on the bottom of the plaque.

          4.  The presentation is made at the annual banquet by an official designated by PPA (usually a Councilor or an officer of PPA should one be in attendance) plus the last person honored. There is a fee paid to PPA for supplying and shipping the plaque. Request for the plaque should be sent to PPA along with the appropriate check at least six weeks before the banquet date. The name of the recipient may be sent at a later date, if necessary.


Begun in 1964 this honor was established to recognize contributions to the state organization made by an individual. It can be awarded to a District Governor, District officer, Member of the Board of Directors or any other VPPA member. This selection is made by the President, but he or she may ask other officers for suggestions. It is customary to give this award to someone who has done outstanding work for the Association and has helped the President during his/her service on the Board. The selection is kept secret until the banquet when it is presented. This plaque is in the shape of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Board of Directors may choose to award Life Membership to any person deemed worthy of this honor. This tribute usually recognizes someone who has given extraordinary and dedicated service to the organization. The Life Member no longer pays dues to the Association, but retains all the privileges of an Active member in good standing. Any fees not covered by the dues (image competition entries, banquet tickets, extra day workshop costs, etc.) are paid by the Life Member.  

Any member may submit an application to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.  Requirements are, but not limited to, the following:  member must have been a Professional Member of VPPA for 30 consecutive years or who is at least 60 years old, must hold a VPPA Degree or who is a Past President of VPPA.


This designation pays tribute to persons honored for contributions to the Association. The Honorary Member may no longer be active in, but maintains an interest in the organization. This designation may also be given to someone outside the VPPA who has demonstrated commitment to the ideals and standards of the Association. Anyone awarded Honorary Membership by the Board of Directors is given complimentary registration for the Convention and all Seminars and is placed on the mailing list for all publications.


This award pays tribute to Renny Cave who contributed to the Association for over 25 years as a member and as Executive Secretary.  Special consideration should be given to an individual who has consistently volunteered above and beyond to the Association. While preference should be given to a current member, this designation may also be given to someone outside VPPA who has demonstrated a commitment to the Association.  The award recipient will be selected by a Board decision in November of each year and the award presented at the annual banquet by the current Executive Secretary.


 Some of the Districts as well as individuals and vendors sponsor trophies that are given each year at the Annual Convention Image Competition.  The Certified Professional Photographers have also given scholarships that is restricted to Certified Professional Photographers. From time to time schools, labs or other sponsors donate scholarships to the VPPA.

NOTE: Determination of qualifications for any other Scholarships offered to the Association as a whole is left to the discretion of the Board of Directors.   Scholarship recipients must be VPPA members in good standing at time of use and must declare within six months of scholarship award how the funds are to be used.  Further, within 30 days of usage, the scholarship recipient is required to submit a short report to the Board describing what benefits accrued from usage of the Scholarship.

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