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VPPA BoD Meeting

  • Fri, August 10, 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Fredericksburg Hospitality House Board Room



VPPA Board of Directors Agenda
Thursday, May 24th, 2018 10:00 am
Location: Commonwealth Room, The Jefferson Hotel
101 West Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23220

1. Call to order, Review Roberts Rules of Order, Code of Civility Jeff Kaiser
2. Invocation or moment of silence Bob Harper
3. Minutes of last meeting Debbie Fisk
4. Executive Treasurer’s Report Don Aittama
5. Applications for Membership Don Aittama
6. Executive Secretary’s Report Anthony Rumley
7. District Governors’ Reports Governors
(needs to be distributed digitally at least 1 week prior to meetings)
8. Education Committee Mary Fisk-Taylor
New VPPA Brochure Layout
Virginia Reel, are we continuing?
9. 2018 Summer Seminar Governors
Marketing for Seminar on Calendar Mary Fisk-Taylor
Image Competition Jamie Hayes
10. 2019 Convention Bob Harper
Approve Schedule and possible change for Monday program B. Harper & MFT
11. Other committee reports
Degree Program Mary Fish Taylor
VPPA Degrees AFP to SP & Bylaws changes
Update on Degree/ Ribbons/ Bars
Sponsorship Committee Mary Fisk-Taylor
12. Standing Committee Reports
Ethics Kevin Hurley
Finance Don Aittama
13. Other Reports:
Website Charles Hartman
Social Media Erin Clark
14. Appointed Committee Reports (if any) Committee Chair
Membership Committee Anthony Rumley
15. Old Business
All Volunteer Board Erin Clark
Update of new members and any bother items on Slack Erin Clark
Review Mentoring Program Erin Clark
Welcome packets Debbie Fisk
16. New Business
Marjorie Stallard’s standing as Blue Ridge Governor
Suggestions for Website and emails Mary Fisk Taylor
17. PPA Report Councilors
18. Future Board Meeting
19. Adjournment 

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