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Benefits of Membership In
The Virginia Professional Photographers' Association



Because the state of Virginia has a large geographic territory, the VPPA is subdivided into 4 smaller districts which are known as Blue Ridge, Capital, Northern and Tidewater. Each of these functions independently of the others, having its own programs, newsletters and social gatherings. By attending your district’s functions, not only will you keep up with the current image making practices but you will also get to know the other member photographers in your local area.


The VPPA stringently supports its Code of Ethics. Upon acceptance as a member, you are sent a copy to keep as a permanent reminder. You will be asked to sign again each year when you pay your dues. 

The VPPA has a standing Ethics Committee with one member from each District. This committee reviews and enforces the Code and is empowered to handle complaints brought either by another photographer or by a consumer against a member. The committee attempts to resolve each problem amicably, however serious violations can result in expulsion.


As a VPPA member you will be exposed to the latest advances in the field through monthly district meetings, the Fall seminar and the Annual Convention. Nationally acclaimed speakers present programs that can improve your existing skills and teach you new techniques. Your annual dues covers all the VPPA sponsored gatherings with no separate registration fees. The Convention is held in a centrally located site. Other meetings take place in various locations around the state and cover a wide variety of topics.


As a Professional or Life member, you are eligible for scholarships that allow individuals to study at PPA affiliated schools which are found in many nearby states. The Association provides thousands of dollars a year to encourage individual growth in all areas of the business. 


The VPPA fosters a spirit of cooperation among all members of the association. You will meet generous photographers who share their experiences, their solutions to problems and occasionally even their equipment. Our members pledge to assist and encourage their fellow professionals, so there is always someone for you to call for advice or assistance.


Submitting your best images to a panel of nationally qualified judges allows you to see how your work compares to that of other professionals in the state. At the Seminar and sometimes on the District level, you may have your images critiqued and learn ways to improve your work before entering a competition. 


As a member, you can earn credentials that identify you as an outstanding professional, worthy of recognition by your colleagues. 


As a Professional member you are listed on the internet so that potential clients can find you. At www.vppa.org you can see illustrations of prize winning photographs. Dates, details and registration forms for upcoming seminars and events are posted. In our “Members Only” section you wil find the entire membership list, the VPPA handbook and you may also participate the Forum for questions and discussion. 


As a member of the VPPA, your interests are represented by the Board of Directors, the governing body of the organization. Professional, Retired and Life members vote for representatives on both a state and district level. Your District Governor is your closest link to the Board and the best person to relay any ideas you may have, but any member of the Board would be eager to hear your constructive ideas.


Virginia as a state, as well as each district within the state, maintains an alliance with the national organization known as PPA (Professional Photographers of America). We have four Councilors who represent us at the national meetings. They are the liaison between the state and the national associations. From them we obtain information, and through them we express our ideas and concerns.


Virginia has a long association with two acclaimed schools for continuing education. The East Coast School meets annually in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. MARS (the Mid-Atlantic Regional School) holds classes in N.J. There are also many other PPA affiliated schools in the area. Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas and Triangle in Pennsylvania offer a variety of educational opportunities for enlightenment and inspiration. 


Displaying the emblem of the VPPA alerts consumers to your dedication to excellence.

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