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a.       There will be a five (5) Juror Panel with a minimum of three (3) Affiliate Jurors

b.      All image judging will be compliant with IPC Rules (International Photographic Competition)

c.       All image submission will be electronic

d.      Eliminate the use of “In & Outs”

e.      Majority Challenge Rule will be instituted for former “In & Outs”


All images will be judged and given a numerical score. Images can receive scores up to 100 points, dependent on how they meet the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. Images that receive a score of an 80 or above will be awarded a VPPA credit. All 80 and above scored images from each category will be reviewed and a First Place designation and Court of Honor designations will be given.


      100 – 95   Exceptional

      94 – 90     Superior

      89 – 85     Excellent

      84 – 80     Deserving of a Merit

      79 – 75    Above Average

      74 – 70    Average

      69 - 65    Below Exhibition Standards 

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