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Welcome VPPA Members!


  1. Any non VPPA member may pay to enter unlimited images/albums in the VPPA Annual Image Competition to receive a score and a critique. Only VPPA members will be eligible for ribbons, awards and trophies. Entry fees will be $15 per image or album and an additional $15 per image or album for a critique.

  2. The Annual Competition is open to all eligible members of VPPA who’s dues have been paid in full and any out of state entrants who pays their entry fee by the published deadlines. VPPA dues must have been paid by February 15th of the year of the entry.

  3. New member’s dues must be paid by the entry deadline if that member joins the association after January 1.

  4. All Membership levels will be eligible to enter and receive print credits. Membership levels will be eligible for the following awards...

    Professional Membership and Life Membership – All awards

    Retired Membership – Retired Award only

    Non-Resident Membership – Non-Resident Award (Out of State ) 

    Aspiring Membership – Aspiring Award only

Note: Aspiring Professionals who enter image competition and receive print credits will have these archived until such time as the member upgrades to the Professional Category. These credits will then be applied toward the state degrees.

New Members who have joined before the annual image competition will be eligible for the New Member First Time Entrant Award (The Nancy Justice Award) 

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