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Welcome VPPA Members!

Entries Allowed

a. Each entrant will be able to enter unlimited entries into the annual competition.

b. The VPPA Professional and Life Membership entrant with the highest total credits from his/her top six images will receive Photographer of the Year Award. Credits will be determined based on the top six highest scored entries per entrant. (See Section 15 - Credits.)

c. The Top 10 VPPA Photographer of the Year Awards will be given to the top 10 entrants based on their top 6 image scores regardless of the total number of entries.

d. The Top six highest scoring entries per eligible entrant will count toward ribbons (blue, red and white) and category/trophy considerations for first place and court of honor (2nd place).

e. Only the top 6 entries will be calculated and eligible for degrees (AFP & FP).

f. No two entries shall be of the same subject or object.

g. No entries will be accepted where it is obvious that two or more photographers assembled and photographed the same subject or object (except albums – see album rules) using the same set and or lighting conditions.

h. No entries will be accepted that were made while attending and or under the direction, supervision of an instructor at any seminar, trip, class or safari or other type of gathering or event.

i. No entries of a prurient, pornographic, or questionable sexual nature will be accepted.

j. No entries will be allowed that are trademarked subjects. (Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man etc.)

k. Print Salon Chairman or his/her designee will have final decision-making authority regarding eligibility of entries.

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