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A. Credits are accumulated by earning Best in Show, Best in Category (selected by the judges from the  blue ribbon entries 80 and above), Court of Honor (2nd Place) and ribbons (blue, red & white).  No entrant can win on more than their top six entries.

B. The total number of credits from your top 6 entries are used to determine the Photographer of the Year.

C. These will also apply toward earning a VPPA degree (AFP, FP)

D. Schedule of credits:

Best In Show
Best of Category
Court of Honor (2nd Place)
Blue Ribbon (Scored 80 or above)
Red Ribbon (Scored 79 - 75
White Ribbon (Scored 74 - 70
9 Credits (4 for Blue Ribbon + 5 for Award)
8 Credits (4 for Blue Ribbon + 4 for Award)
6 Credits (4 for Blue Ribbon + 3 for Award)
4 Credits
3 Credits
2 Credits

*Only your top six highest scoring entries will be considered for ribbons and awards. 

NOTE: These credits are awarded only at the Sate Convention; not at the Seminar or at District Meetings.

NOTE: No additional credits are given for the Photographer of the Year Award, Top Ten Photographer of the Year, the Nancy Justice Trophy, the CPP Award, ASP Award, Randy Searle District Winner, the National Award or the Virginia Award. 


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